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   Chapter 42 That’s why he divorced

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Jeanine had, just had a long exhausting day. Her perfume collection called French Delight, had just dropped. As always she had to attend the opening party and sit at one of the stores giving out autographs and selfies to anyone who bought. This was her life, she quite enjoyed it. She wouldn't have any other way. Jeanine loved that many people especially young girls admired her. she was a mentor to young models who wanted to be as successful as her in the industry. Jeanine dropped her Versace bag on the lounge table as she made her way into the colossal kitchen. She caught a glimpse of her husband wearing a kitchen apron and-

"What is he doing here ?" Jeanine asked without holding her tongue back. Ben, her husband immediately gave him a disapproving face.

"I mean... Hi Leondre, didn't expect you to be here." Jeanine stuttered a bit.

"Leo, that's your grandmother remember we met at the hotel ?" Ben said softly to Leo.

"She doesn't look like a grandmother." Leo shrugged. At this Jeanine smiled, she did like receiving compliments.

"I don't have a grandmother, I'm so happy you're my grandma." Leo said quickly going to wrap his arms around Jeanine's legs. Jeanine wanted to cringe but she found this... a tad bit comforting. It brought a really weird feeling but she decided to brush it off. Ben gave her a 'See, he isn't so bad' look.

"Alright alright-" Jeanine said pushing the little boy away and petting his hair like a dog.

"So Andre was here ?" Jeanine asked quickly.

"Yeah, he was." Ben said putting the cupcakes in the oven. "He said Leo has been a very very bad boy-" He looked at Leo who frowned. "That's why he is here."

"Oh okay, I will just be up then-" Jeanine said excusing herself.

"Can I come ?" Leo asked and Jeanine couldn't help but cringe unfortunately her husband looked at her waiting for her response so she smiled.

"Alright, you can come along Leo but don't make too much noise." She muttered a bit skeptical about her choice.

"Honey, where is Mindy? I haven't seen him all day." Jeanine questioned. Mindy was Jeanine's fluffy cat, she showed more human affection to her cat than to her own family.

"He must be upstairs." Ben replied. "Leo, i will call you down when our cupcakes are all done."


re unhappy." Leo said sadly. Ben looked at Jeanine who had tears under her eyes, she was hurt because this was all her fault.

"Grandma maybe you can help my mom find a nice man at the modeling things." Leo said in an excited voice.

"Wouldn't you want your mom to be with your dad?" Ben asked the little boy who only shock his head.

"No... he makes her cry, I don't want my mommy to cry." Leo added.

"How does he make her cry?" Ben asked quickly thinking maybe the divorced couple had another feud.

"Whenever i ask her about him and.. their wedding, things like that. She gets sad and cries then she says something went in her eye."

"Leo, your mother loves your dad so much, I know she always has and still does." Jeanine replied. "Your dad feels the very same way, something had occurred that caused them to part ways but they will be back together. I know they will, their love is stronger than that." Jeanine said shocking her husband who only gave her a questioning look? What was her wife up to.

"Really?" Leo asked.

"Yes, your mom cries because she still loves him. You, grandpa and I will make a pact, to bring them back together." Leo smiled broadly. "Pinky promise?" He asked and both his grandparents made the pact with him. He just wanted to see his parents together and nothing would make him happier. Ben was happy that Jeanine had came around as she asked who wanted Pasta for dinner..


I just finished Royal Fuckery so let's continue with this one :)

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