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   Chapter 41 38. Mrs. Levetté, all done.

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"The jumping castle is suppose to go here-" Della pointed at the corner of her the mansion she once shared with her ex-husband. "Yep, right next to the pool." She instructed the two men who had just arrived to set it up. A thought crossed her mind.

* Flashback *

"Andre, i really liked the fourth house." Della squealed wrapping her arms around her husbands neck. He gave her a broad smile. She felt like all her dreams were coming to life. She was getting married in about a week and here she was house hunting with her fiancé.

"I really loved the garden, the maze, the pool. Great for when we have parties especially for our kids. They will be running all over with so much freedom. It will be like having our very own play ground in our backyard." Della said in an excited tone. Andre couldn't be more happier being with her was more than enough. It was all he needed to be happy, nothing made him more happier.

"We could have a soccer team." Andre joked. Della furrowed her eyebrows, Andre always thought it was cute whenever she did that or maybe he just found everything she did adorable.

"A soccer team, Andre? do you want to kill me." She mused back her arms still wrapped around his neck, as he stared at a her petite figure.

"Honestly I wouldn't mind but two or three would be alright." Andre muttered softly giving her a perk on her temple.

"That's reasonable." She grinned.

"Hopefully it's two boys and one little girl who will be as beautiful as her mother and I will spoil her rotten that even the boys will be jealous." Andre said thoughtfully. This thought made Della's heart fill up with warmth. He always made her feel this way, it was a mutual feeling between this lovely couple.

"Above all i can't wait to finally unwrap my gift on our wedding night in Santorini." He pulled her much closer to his chest leaving no air for them to breath, they were practically breathing the same air buy they both didn't mind.

"We are going to Santorini ?" Della gasped. "I thought we would just go to Hawaii or

" Mila questioned as they went back in the house.

"Andre went to drop him off at his parents house-"

"With that she devil.." Mila almost yelled.

"With his dad hopefully."

"She might poison my little baby." Mila breathed out heavily.

"We told Leo that the party was canceled just to teach him a lesson so this will be a surprise party." Della said clearly excited about the idea.

"If I know Leo very well, he must be fuming."

"You have no idea!" Della replied thinking about his son's reaction when they told him there would be no party at all.

"Remember when he was a toddler and he had the tendency of dramatically laying on the floor in the middle of the shop whenever he wanted something and you would tell him no."

"I'm just glad that phase is over." Della laughed. "People actually thought I was abusing my own son."

"Andre will never know the struggle." Milla said from a genuine thought.

Della felt a bit sad that Andre had missed alot of parts in his son's life but it wasn't her fault and she wouldn't blame herself for it. He made a choice to not hear her out but to rather listen to his mother so these were certainly the consequences. Above all she was glad, the co-parenting was going wonderfully and hopefully it would stay this way because fighting with Andre was something she dreaded.

She just needed peace!

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