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   Chapter 40 37. Shut up please!

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A day had passed. Della felt really awful about what had happened. Her son didn't sleep at home, her son didn't want to come home... everything was just a mess.

"So are you coming back home today ?" Della tried to ease the intensity around the breakfast table in her ex-husband home.

"I want to stay with dad." Leo shrugged sadly. Della's heart whimpered, what had she done? literally pushed her son farther away from her. Leo picked at his food clearly not eating, Andre heaved out a sigh.

"You should probably just move back here." Andre suggested. He wanted to protect them both and didn't feel that he would be doing enough if Della was staying alone, in Queens.

"Excuse me ?" Della whipped her head to look at Andre who wasn't even looking at her but she wished he was.

"It's a suggestion, you don't have to consider it... if you don't want to." Andre bit back.

"Mommy, you should stay here with us." Leo added defending his father's views.

"Leo, i think you're done with breakfast go up to your room." Della said immediately feeling pissed off and aggravating, if her abuelo was still alive God knows ; she would have gave him a good beating. Just one hard cold slap would do to be honest. She knew had a room somewhere in this huge house. Leo then purposely dropped his utensils as loud as he can making both his parents look at him.

"Look what you've done!" Della whispered to Andre who was now starting to see the effects he was having on his son. He honestly did not his want his son to grow up to be like his brother Luc. Growing up while Andre received all the scolding and punishment because he was the first born. They let everything slide on Luc and now looking at how he turned out... If they weren't well off, he would be in the gutters but for how long would they sustain him!

"Leondre, come back here!" Andre said in the most strict voice he could muse. Leondre was almost at the spiraling stairs when his father called him, he rolled his eyes before going to be dining table with a bored look on his face.

"I don't apreaciate that attitude or the way you talk to your mother. Bring that phone ?" Andre said in a serious tone unhumorously.

"But dad-" Leo protested.

"Bring that phone and bring that spiderman game thing, as well as your PSP that your mother bought you.... When I get to my office, i want to see them all laid on the table." Andre said giving his son a stern look. He had never ever spoken to his son this way before only because he wanted to win him over but honestly this was all getting too far. "Do you understand what I said ?"

Leo only seemed a little unbuffered as both his parents stared at him seriously.

"Mommy-" Leo whinned.

"Nope, Leo listen to your father ?" Della said firmly, a hidden smile on her lips.

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again. I'm sorry, I was rude to your boyfriend, I'm sorry dad. Mom, I'm sorry." Leo added trying to manipulate them emotionally. Della knew her son all too well. Andre was about to give in...

"Your father and I might have to cancel this birthday party of yours... if this behavior continues-" Della added.

"But mommy, i already invited Jason and-"

"You heard what your mother said-" Andre said quickly, he was actually enjoying this because for the first time in a while. Della and Andre were getting along. "Pending

oks. Mom will be a special guest at New York Fashion week and she might help me get in line. Atleast earn some money doing something I love. Now that you have an answer can you fuck off." Luc said closing his eyes from frustration. Della immediately then brought a glass of water and two pills for Luc.

"Fuck off in my own fucking house ?" Andre chuckled but Luc ignored him.

"Dells, i will marry you, bloody life saver." He said grabbing the glass from Della who immediately went upstairs to check on Leo.

"Luc, you need to get yourself straight-" Andre said softly.

"Get myself straight? I'm bisexual." Luc yelled laughing hysterically.

"I know, dummy. I meant the other way around." Andre chuckled. This was no secret, when Luc was eighteen.. he was trending on TMZ because of an image that had been circulating of him kissing a boy at one of his high school parties. He could only turn to Andre but now everyone was aware of his sexuality. Luc Georges Levetté fucks everything that walks and he was not apologetic about it. His father was very accepting of it but his mother still gave him shit about it. Jeanine was very controlling-

"I'm just trying to live my best life, ami." Luc shrugged.

"I want to see this modeling gig before the end of the week." Andre said in a very strict tone. "I will talk to one of my friends to let you do a Calvin Klein shoot happening Malibu so you can earn yourself some money because I can't keep putting money in your account since mom and dad have had enough of you."

"Calvin Klein, not bad I guess-" Luc paused. "Thanks but right now I need to sleep. Leonard Maddox invited me to one of his yacht party. He knows what's a party without Luc Levetté the hot French cuisine huh ?"

"Luc, you will go to that shoot otherwise don't come back to this house, I'm changing all the locks. You need to stay away from the Maddox kid, he is such a bad influence didn't he just come out of rehab? You're twenty-five months clean don't mess that up!"

"I did not hear a word you said old man." Luc took a bite of toast then threw it on the table before walking up the stairs.

Andre sighed.

He clearly had two sons to take care of, since his parents had gave up on Luc.

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