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   Chapter 39 36. Spoiled fucking Brats.

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"Who are we waiting for ?" Leo asked his mother. He was very curious because his mother rarely picked him up from school, that was his dad's job ever since he came along. Now they were sat in their usual coffee shop with Leondre stuffing his face in the freshly baked chocolate muffins. His mother looked at him, she wasn't going to bother telling him that he was messing his uniform. After all it was a Friday, he might as well-

"We are waiting for one of mommies friend." Della replied suddenly waving her hand at someone. Leo then turned his head to look at the man who was approaching their both. Della had a wide smile clearly excited and happy. Leo watched the exchange as his mother stood up to hug the man who had a strong built and wore casual jeans and a NYC tshirt. Leo cringed as he sat down next to his mother in their booth.

"You must be Leo-" The man said giving the young boy a smile.

"It's Leondre." Leo replied making his mom give him a warning eye.

"Well alright then Leondre, I'm Spencer." He introduced himself to the kid who sat across them in the booth.

"I didn't ask." Leondre frowned putting his cupcake down.

"Leondre, you are being very rude." Della scolded her son who only glared at her. Sometimes Della questioned why her son was like this, at times it was a blessing to have a much smarter and mature kid but at times-

"It's alright." Spencer said calmly rubbing Della's shoulder. This really put Leo off the edge.

"Can we go home ?" He grumbled.

"But you still need to meet my friend, Leo ?" Della said through gritted teeth.

"I didn't ask to meet him." Leo said as he furrowed his eyebrows. Looking at the man who's arms were covered in tattoes including his neck. "I thought we were meeting dad." Leo added. Della didn't know how to respond, with Leo he was very unpredictable.

"You will see your dad on the weekend." Della said firmly. "Right now I want you to get to know Spencer." She explained. Spencer was quiet letting her handle the situation, he didn't want to interrupt.

"I don't want to meet Spencer." Leo said rolling his eyes. Della always thought Leo got this little attitude from the Levetté genes probably Jeanine as much as she hated to think about it. He was a spitfire whenever he wanted to be.

"Leo-" Della warned again giving him a warning eye but Leo sat rigid in his spot. With his blonde hair in a messy quiff, he resembled his father.

"Ugh, I'm sorry Spence. He isn't usually like this." Della turned to Spencer which seemed calm and understood the whole scene.

"It's alright, I understand Leondre. You're afraid that someone is in your mother's life and she might love someone more than you. Considering you are used to the idea of it just being the two of you." Spencer said softly eying the little boy who starred at him like he had some sort of disease.

"I think you are just afraid that if I don't like you she won't like you." Leo spit back leaving Spencer with his jaw dropped and Della's mouth ajar. "I don't like

eed dialled. Guess what you number isn't necessary because you are the one exposing him to danger." Andre viciously yelled at Della who seemed to be taken a back.

"How am I exposing him to danger ?" Della scoffed.

"Introducing him to these strange men." Andre muttered. "I'm not afraid to fight custody for my son if you continue doing this."

"I won't be afraid to fight back if you keep emotionally bullying my son making me look like the enemy in his eyes."

"You know what Adela, do whatever you want fuck around but don't expose my son to that Fuckery!"

"Andre you are being very rude and I won't stand for." Della replied clearly shocked. She had not done anything wrong by introducing her son to Spencer or was it too soon.

"Leo is sleeping at my house, i will send Albane to fetch his uniform for the rest of the week." Andre muttered standing up.

Spencer came into view behind them Albane held Leo in his arms. Without a word, Albane grabbed Leo's backpack and blazer and left for the black SUV that was parked outside. Everyone in the cafe was now looking at them some were lowkey recording the great Andre Levetté arguing with his ex-wife.

"Andre ?" Spencer pretended to be surprised. Andre mentally rolled his eyes thinking this arsehole wants to play this game then he shall play along.

"Mr. Hurst ?" Andre gave a puzzled look.

"Spencer actually-" Spencer smoothly replied. Della was even more confused by now.

"What a small world." Andre chuckled. "Della you didn't tell me your boyfriend was the representative for one of Garreth's biggest companies."

"You work for my father ?" Della asked still confused.

"I didn't mean to disturb I will just be on my way." Andre smirked, knowing exactly what he had just done. He was ready to take these culprits out with the help of Marcela. He just needed his Adela to see the light. He would seem like the devil right at this moment but she would thank him later on.

Spencer gave Andre a spiteful look as he was leaving.

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