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   Chapter 34 32. My son is not a bully !

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"Mrs. Levetté ?" Principal Meredith Gordon stood up to greet the two parents but she was usually used to meeting just one.

"It's Ms. McCarthy." She said softly shaking the woman's hand.

"Oh my apologies I just thought Leondre Levetté so...anyways you must be Mr. Levetté." She said softly. Andre gave her a small smile as they comfortably sat down. The woman wore a grey skirt with a matching blazer. Wrinkled skin indicating her being in her old age. She had her spectacles right below her nose making her a tad bit intimidating to Della, Andre wasn't even concussed he just wanted to know why they had been called there and a bigger part of him was glad that he got to see Adela; he missed her so much. There were multiple awards and trophies that sat proudly in case behind her desk. As well as the fall of the United States of America. She had many pictures plastered around her spacious office, many of which included her awarding kids or herself being given awards and others of herself standing with the very first black president of the USA, Obama. She was quite an admirable being of course this was the Principal of Roosevelt International Private school.

"Thank you for coming on short notice." She said sitting down on her leather seat. Andre seemed arrogantly bored to death but he was here... he wanted to prove to Adela that he would always be there for his son like the good father he should be even if they weren't on good terms.

"May we now know why we are here ?" Andre bluntly replied making Adela to stomp his feet under the mahogany desk.

"Mr. Levetté I understand you are a well known personnel but that will not benefit your son in any way concerning this matter so please respect me and I will respect you." Principal Gordon said intently almost making Andre curse under his breath.

"Your son told another one of our pupil that his grandfather was going to snap his neck and feed him to the vultures." She explained and Della gasped.

"What ?" She gulped.

"Not only that apparently your son has been making deadly threats towards other kids. He said his grandfather would teach him how to shoot at a shooting range that he owned and he would come to school and shoot anyone who disrespected him." She added making Della's mouth to even fall agape. Andre sat there uncomfortably trying to digest what this woman was telling him.

"My baby would never say such a thing, Mrs. Gordon this has to be a mistake !" Della said forcefully.

"I understand that he must act like an innocent six year old infront of you both but-" She was immediately cut off.

"What are you implying Mrs. Gordon ?" Andre sharply breathed in.

"With the amount of school shootings happening in the United States of America and the reputation that our school holds, this is a precaution we should take-" She paused.

"Please just give him a warning! I will talk to him." Adela begged she felt ebony angry with Garreth. This was all her fault for letting her son hang out with a cynical person like him. He was an amazing father but his personality was too blunt for a child like Leo.

"Ms. McCarthy, if this matter was being taken lightly your would be in the HOD's office. I don't specifically deal with my students matters but I was pressured into dealing with this one because kids are refusing to come to school because they fear your son." Mrs. Gordon added nonchalantly.

"My son is not a bully !!" Adela was now clearly fuming but Andre t

e Queen of my heart."

"No matter how many years it takes."

"I would do it all for you."

"The Queen of my heart."

Awkward silence embraced the moment as the song ended. Andre knew that they were both thinking about it but he wasn't going to push it. He didn't want to force himself on her, he knew she loved him and eventually they would be back together once he had worked hard to restore her trust.

"I will speak to my father about this." She said when the car came to a halt. He looked at her with adoration, she always had this glow about her. This look he gave her made her heart flatter savagely.

"Okay, mon amour." He said softly letting his hand run circles on her. She felt herself cleanch her vaginal walls just at the contact.

"Uhm yeah-" She said avoiding eye contact but most of her she was shot of words. He gave her a heart warming smile, which made her heart do somersaults. He licked his lower lip.

"I should go." She said diffidently. His blue orbs fluttered at her as he acknowledged what she had just said. A part of her didn't want to leave the car, a part of her felt thirst for him. It was purely sexual, she thought. She eyed the way his tie was undone, the bulge in his pants didn't go unnoticed.. there was clearly sexual tension. They stated at each other like poles of magnets in a trance. His hand moved to her thigh initiating the first move. She quietly moaned at the action. It wouldn't be the first time they had sex in the car, they looked at each other with hunger. Della was frustrated, with everything going on around her.

"Della, come here." Andre muttered so much as a command indicating that she must move over to his seat. At that money Della knew she had to make a choice. It was surely one she would regret because at that moment lust was the only thing on her mind but most of all it felt right to both of them.

"Don't make me hit the steering wheel like-" She giggled as she removed her seat belt. "I know, i know just like in Venice." He smiled pulling her towards him, she comfortably straddled him. He pulled his seat down, they both knew exactly what they were about to do in this moment would either ruin them and make whatever they once shared much stronger.

"And Munich." She added as he pressed his lips on hers.

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