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   Chapter 33 31. The only beautiful maid

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"He probably forgot-" Mila stuttered as she cried. "I can't believe I let him touch me." She said sobbed.

"Let it all out." Della said softly understanding that her friend needed to rant out everything that had just happened.

"Della he-he-he hurt me !" She paused her cheeks were already puffy from having cried a river for Alfredo. "He just took my virginity without my consent, i hate him."

"But you like the way he held you these past couple of days ?" Della aforementioned.

"THAT WAS BEFORE I KNEW I WAS SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL, JESUS CHRIST !" Mila cursed. "I don't know how many times I have showered, i still feel him all over my skin, i hate it Della, i hate it so much." She said closing her eyes wanting to calm herself down.

"He won't stop looking for you ?" Della added.

"I don't know what he wants from me, goodness gracious !!" She held the bridge of her nose trying to calm down. "He is a criminal just like his father."

"You need to find closure Mila and that means you need to talk to him. Yes, it's been years but you simply ignored it. You slept around and tried to forget about it but you just haven't dealt with it." She paused. "That's why it still hurts."

"Don't say that! I thought you were my friend Adela.." She said shaking her head slowly.

"I'm just being honest. You need to tell Alfredo about the child you both made. You need to tell him about everything, you have been meaning to get off your chest-"

"I don't have anything to say to him." She said dramatically wiping the tears on her cheeks, a frown on her lips.

"Remember when you told me that the rest of the nights were different from the first night. He told you he was scared and he had never done this before. He promised he wouldn't hurt you the way-"

"Stop stop stop just stop." Mila said shaking her head furiously.

"Okay, fine." Della said giving her a small smile while raising her hands defensively.

"Did he say anything to you ?" Mila asked softly. The she suddenly remembered.


"Hi Uhm Adela right ?" Alfredo said nervously, Felipé was right behind him like Alfredo's shadow. Alfredo looked like a mess, he looked like he was coming from the gym. They stood in the middle of the hotel corridor near the elevator.

"Yes, Mr. Molinero is there anything I may help you with ?" Della said professionally.

"Mila hasn't been coming to work for a few days now and I had ordered that she is the only maid I wanted in my suite." He almost yelled but lowered his voice when people exited from the elevator. He gave them a small smile as they passed.

"Your suite will not be cleaned then-" Adel

ela McCarthy, Adela McCarthy please attend to royal Suite 106D, Thank you."

She sighed. "That must be the Italian dude Lucio or the Portuguese dude Nicholas whatever-" She sighed.

"You must be pretty good at your job, so many requests huh ?" Spencer smirked.

"Honestly I can't help but hate tourists, it was the Russian dude now this-" She sighed. Spencer immediately knew the Russian dude was Nikita Shatov.

"Don't mind them, just ignore. You can always come to my room and forget you have a job while we play monopoly." He said gazing into her eyes.

"That's doesn't sound like a bad idea." She blushed, she didn't want to play monopoly she wanted him to fuck her while chocking her or maybe Mila was right she needed to buy a dildo before this sexual frustration goes too far. It was as if Andre had activated it all when he fingered her making her remember the joy of reaching a climax.

"Adela McCarthy, Adela McCarthy please attend to room 233C."

"It's as if I'm the only maid in this hotel." She blushed.

"The only beautiful maid in this hotel." He stroked her cheek softly kissing her forehead before walking away. She blushed, her skin suddenly had goosebumps.


"He was just looking for you to make sure you are okay." Della said to her concerned friend. It seemed she had zoned out.

"Are you day dreaming about a certain someone ?" Mila suddenly asked.

"God no Mila." Della shook her head as they both laughed.

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