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   Chapter 29 29. Room 246B

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"What the hell took you so long? I was getting worried." Della said closing her staff locker. Mila was beyond flabbergasted, a smile made its way onto her lips.

"Nothing." Mila said grabbing her bag from her locker, their shifts were already over and Mila had avoided Della ever since her incidence with Alfredo. Of course Alfredo had told her to meet him in his suite but she wasn't going to go there. She was going to run away from him.

"You think I'm just going to believe that ?" Della looked at her in disbelief. "Something happened, did he touch you because I swear I will go up there and teach him a lesson. I don't care if he has a body guard, who does he think he is touching you inappropriately. I saw how he looked at you and I know lust and when I see it so spit it out ?" Della said dramatically. They had both changed into their casual clothes.

"I slept with him." Della's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. "Last night, club Savanah."

"And today ?" Della asked.

"No no I didn't sleep with him today although I would have loved to, he makes me all hot and bothered." She admitted.

"He looks very suspicious, you should be careful." Della gave her cheesy smile. "And hey I thought you said you didn't fuck with Latino men ?" Della replied playfully.

"He is hot okay and I was still mad about my stupid ex Rodrigo." She flipped her hair being playfully dramatic.

"Ladies, i will see you tomorrow." Tessa interrupted waving at them as she made her way out of the locker room.

"Bye." They said in unison. Tessa was one of the girls they worked with, she had blonde hair and pretty somber grey eyes and quite tall for a lady 5'11. She was really sweet.

"So is he good ?" Della asked.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? HE IS SO GOOD, ALFREDO OVER TACOS AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TACOS." She yelled. "He is so big, Della as compared to Rodrigo's limp peanut." She said rolling her eyes. "My clit felt like it was ripping in half when he entered me." She closed her eyes reminiscing.

"God, i need a release." Della gave an exasperated sigh.

"Sex is amazing, with the right person. I'm just glad Alfredo showed you all the things you were missing out on." Della added.

"Yeah, Rodrigo really made me hate sex. He never made me cum and he was always out within ten minutes sometimes he couldn't even make it get up." Mila chuckled. "But God Alfredo makes my body come alive." She smiled widely. Della smiled because she couldn't be any more happier than to see her best friend happy. She wasn't a big fan of Rodrigo but the fact that he was good with kids and didn't mind staying over with Leo while she ran some errands or went shopping with Mila. He was reliab

d genuinely.

"Certainly." Spencer replied.

"I don't have much friends, hopefully this is one alliance I won't regret."

"Well then first lesson as your friend. Alfredo friendships ain't alliances, Alliances are formed because both parties may benefit but friendships are formed out of genuine love and care for the other person even if it is not mutual." Spencer said giving him a genuine smile.

"Well said, friend." Alfredo said thoughtfully. As a child he was always alone and his father always told him, friendships and love only weakened him as a future Don. He didn't have to have alot of associations that way his enemies wouldn't have any of his weaknesses to entertain rather he stayed anonymous and them never knowing what to expect.

The first he killed a man, he cried. He still wasn't comfortable with it but he only did it when it had to be done other than that he didn't want to cause any harm on anyone. Garreth had said that was his only weakness, he had a heart of gold and should not show it to many people otherwise he would easily be ambushed. He stayed cold, pretended he didn't want to associate with anyone. Even when the men from his mafia would have laughs, he wouldn't because he couldn't be that close with them. He couldn't have any type of relationship with anyone, they would use it against him one day eventually.

Women, he used them like a piece toilet paper. Only used once then never to be used again. His father brought him a virgin on his eighteenth birthday. He wasn't fond of the gesture but that was the protocol in his mafia. As a don he had to take a girls purity when he turned Eighteen, she had no idea what the Mafia prince of New Mexico looked like.

He regretted.

He thought about her alot.

Mila reminded him of her.

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