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   Chapter 26 27. Mafia Don's and Capos

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All the Mafia Don's and Capos had arrived in New York, Specifically Ritz-Carlton hotel. Alfredo Molinero was the first to arrive in the conference room where Garreth had called the meeting. There was food and one waiter brlorrwed from the hotel to serve the guests. It was after all Garreth McCarthy's hotel, he had booked all his guests in individual royal suites.

Alfredo Molinero whispered something to his body guard who waited on the door before he entered. He had cold narrow eyes, jet black hair, he wore a full black amarni suit. He had a scorpion tattoo right below his neck. It was after all the Mexican Mafia signature sign. A grin spread across his face as he so Garreth seated on one of the many seat in his clean white suit.

"Uncle Gary-" Alfredo said as he hugged Garreth.

"My goodness, you are a grown man now ain't you ?" Garreth complimented. "Not the little boy who always disturbed your father's meetings everytime we had mafia counsel." Garreth chuckled.

"Ah yes, I'm all grown now." He replied in a thick Mexican accent, he had a small little goatie, it matched his look.

"Although you can't be calling me Uncle Gary around these maniacs, they will see it as weakness." Garreth added as they sat down. Alfredo nodded. When his father died, a very good friend of Garreth and an ally, Garreth had agreed to be his mentor so that he could continue with the Mafia and not his uncle. It was very convenient because his uncle would have paired up with Garreth's enemies to help destroy the English Mafia. They continued talking while sipping on their flute of wine.

After some few minutes.

"I can't wait to leave Papa." Kay Schürmann grumbled bursting the door open.

"You better behave-" Marian Schürmann hissed dangerously to his son. They had been arguing all the way here from Berlin, Marian was the Don of German Mafias.

"I came here for Coachella not a murder spree, papa." Kay continued. he had messy blonde hair, a very fair skin tone, medium height and lean build. He pursued his lips when his father gave him a glare.

"McCarthy." Marian gave a tight smile.

"Ah Schürmann." Garreth forced a smile as they shook hands.

"This is my son, Kay my future heir of course or our future heir if this partnership works out well." Marian added.

"Of course." Marian gave a curt nod. "This is Alfredo, Don of Mexican Mafia." Garreth added. Marian sank in fear, Mexican Mafia was very dangerous and well known. He had not met the Don as of now, he looked very young.

"Molinero." Alfredo shook his hand.

"Schürmann." Marian replied, this was her they greeted each other.

"Hey Alfredo." Kay said in a husky voice, giving a wink to Alfredo who seemed to flinch.

"Behave yourself." His father Marian hissed under his breath. Garreth wanted to burst out l

vagantly late, he handed over his coat and cellphone to his body guard who then made his way outside closing the glass door behind him.

"Hopefully I not miss ze'important stuff." He said in his Russian accent settling down

"Did you really have to invite this grandpa here ?" Oskar asked Garreth.

"As long as he is younger than me then he is not grandpa, you hear ?" Garreth yelled back. He had to defend Shatov because they had been doing these shipments together.

"Are you not a grandpa, Oscar... the irony." Marian said rolling his eyes. The room filled with laughter. Feng was confused a bit, he didn't fully understand so he asked the translator who then told him the whole ideal. Feng laughed out loud and everyone looked at him because the joke was over.

"You very funny." Féng laughed, his accent made him the clown of the circus, whenever he laughed his eyes closed shut.

"Shall we ?" Alfredo questioned putting his phone away.

"Sorry I'm late-" Spencer said in a hurry.

"Who are you ?" Lucio questioned looking at him up and down.

"My second in command." Garreth replied.

"I thought you wanted your daughter to be with a Don-" Nicholas said sardonically.

"Shut up idiota, you are not even a Don." Lucio spat.

"You are also not a Don you asshole." Nicholas spat back.

"For fuck sake, i have better places to be so can we begin. You all are giving me the impression that there really is no competition. We have the gay son, the two asian best friends who might even be gay, the two nemesis, the two grandpa's. The only competition here is Spencer-" Alfredo said taking a deep breath.

Everyone in the room gave him a glare while Spencer just smirked, he knew the ball was in their court. The rest of the losers were no competition.

"Shall we ?" Garreth began.

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Just introducing the Mafia characters.

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