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   Chapter 19 20. Open your eyes ma moite

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From the corner of the door, she watched her ex-husband tuck their son in bed. He looked happy, she knew he was genuinely happy with their son. He had never been one who wanted kids but he had changed, she could see from his eyes how they brightened whenever he talked to his son.

Leo was happy too, he loved his father. He loved having his father around. Della turned around with her mug of hot chocolate, making her way towards the kitchen.

"He is asleep." Andre appeared in front of her, he looked really handsome. He had removed his jacket leaving him in his dress shirt, he rolled the sleeves back. His veins popped up, it was always her weakness.

"Thanks." She said taking a sip of her hot chocolate. She held the mug with both hands enjoying the warmth that radiated from the cup.

"He is my son too, Della so it's not problem." He smirked at her. Andre gladly took the mug infront of him, it was no surprise Della had made him a cup too. He missed it, it used to be their thing.

"I just thought you would want one after a long day." She added trying to keep their conversation brief.

"Yeah thanks, it was really long. Avoiding my mom isn't really as easy as I thought." He sighed. Della didn't want to intrude in his business. She went to sit on the couch, still in her night dress and her night gown. Andre followed her with his mug in hand, these were always the advantages of having a wife who once worked at Starbucks. He thought she looked sexy, he could outline her hips and slender waist from her untied gown. The night dress was silk and it let his imagination run wild. Her legs looked deliciously creamy, her hair tied in a bun with no make up on, she was heaven on earth.

"Why would you do that Andre? You have no idea how anyone would love to have the attention your mother gives you ?" Adela said thinking about her own situation.

"Her attention drove you away from me, so that's really great." He said in a sarcastic tone, running a hand through his blonde locks.

"Not this again." Adela mumbled setting her mug on the coffee table infront of them.

"We haven't really talked you know and we can't avoid this forever." He set his mug down as well facing her.

"Avoid what? Andre. Our failed marriage isn't worth discussing.." Adela almost yelled.

"It is because I haven't been able to live with myself-" He said sadly.

"What happened had happened." Della said nonchalantly.

"I'm avoiding my mom because she refuses to apologise for what she did to you, I saw- i saw- i saw the video Adela." He paused.

"What video ?" Adela panicked.

"When my mom came to our house, you offered her something to drink while she waited for me to arrive home. I called and you went to answer your phone, you told me my mom was waiting for me an

closed. Andre thought this was the most beautiful view he had seen in a long time.

"Open your eyes ma moité.." She opened them instantly. She was about to reach climax and he knew. He continued thrusting deep inside her core while still rubbing on her throbbing clit. She was so so so moisture. With one final stroke she reached her climax, her big Brown eyes staring into his ocean blue eyes. His blonde curls falling onto his forehead, he looked like a snack to take in.

They stared at each other, still in each others arms, none of them moving. She was about to move when the sound of keys and the door abruptly opening. They both stood up from their awkward position, she hastily wrapped her gown around her body-

"Darling ?" Garreth's voice echoed as he finally came into view. His face immediately frowned meaning he had witnessed the last few minutes they had on the couch when her legs were so read wide open with Andre hovering.

"Dad, what are you doing here ?" She asked awkwardly wrapping her arms around her body.

"You gave me the extra keys remember so I thought I would bring Leith and some champagne but you seem busy-" Garreth said glaring at Andre. Leith finally joined the conversation.."Hello." his British accent echoed. "Adela and-" He paused. Andre suddenly licked licked his fingers to show them exactly what they were up to. "I'm Andre." He said in a husky tone. Della facepalmed because Andre was clearly marking his territory.

"I'm Leith." He replied in a composed tone.

"Uhm Mr. Levetté may I have a word with you please ?" Garreth said pointing towards the door. "Ofcause." Andre replied.

"Leith here is the champagne, you and Adela can begin while my ex- son in law and I have a word.." Garreth instructed.

"Absolutely." Leith replied and Della knew then and there she had messed up.

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