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   Chapter 17 18. A puppet of love

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The man with grey hair held the her blonde hair in a tight grip, it looked really uncomfortable. He pummeled his length in her mouth, as he threw his head back in pleasure. The young petite blonde looked way too young for this rather senior man. He had no mercy nevertheless as he continued diving his length in her mouth. Her eyes showed distaste and dejection but he certainly wasn't doing it against her will. He pulled her hair again and she whimpered. "You want the contract don't you my dear Jenny? then take this dick like a good little slut." He growled.

Jeanine Levetté shut her laptop with so much force the screen just might have shuttered. Her only thoughts were-

Her husband, Ben.



The world.

Her reputation.

Tears were visible on her already bloodshot eyes as she trembled for the phone. Garreth wasn't picking up. He wanted to watch her suffer with anxiety. She was willingly to do anything for this to go away. She thought this would never haunt her again, it had been nearly decades. She didn't become the person she is today from taking the long route. She did what she what to do! Not even her husband knew about her past.

She hated Della because she reminded her of her younger self. Adela McCarthy probably sucked her son's dick, to get him to marry her impecunious self. Jeanine was not born from the riches, she worked for everything she had. Jeanine wouldn't allow her son to be fooled by Della. She saw right through her and she needed to show her son and the world what kind of a person Della is. She pretended to act innocent, she put on a poker face but she unmasked her. Jeanine thought proudly to herself. Della was of her kind, disgusting desperate girls who would do anything to escape the claws of poverty.

Garreth was probably going to make it an Internet sensation. No one would ever respect her again! Her family would never see her the same again. She wondered her Garreth got a hold of such a loathsome video. It had been years. She kept dialing his number until it finally went to voice mail signaling that bastard had switched his phone off.

Her husband Benjamin Levetté entered their spacious bedroom with a smile on his face. It had been long since he smiled at her, it must have been good news. She quickly wiped off the tears but failed to look natural.

"What's wrong Jenny ?" Ben asked as soon as he realised his wife didn't look okay, her make up was a mess.

"I'm okay it's just i really hurt my son." Jeanine rep(lied).

"Andre needs time, he is a good man. As long as you apologize, I think everything will be okay from there oui ?" He gave her a heart warming smile as he sat on the side of their large king sized bed. This was what she loved about him, He was so kind and loving. Andre definitely took his father's steps falling in love with a woman below his level.

"Garreth called me earlier." Ben muttered.

"WHAT DID HE WANT ?" She panicked. "WHAT DID HE SAY ?"

"He has a proposal for us." Ben shrugged.

"We are doing great." Jeanine spat her eyes wide in disbelief.

"You know our branches in the UK haven't been doing well, he offered to help with various investors that he knows of on one condition." He sighed looking at his wife who seemed worried beyond anything.

"WHAT ?" She panicked. "TELL ME ALREADY !!"

"He wants Andre to play at a distance away from his daughter." Ben let out.

"So my son is still infatuated with that poverty stricken girl ?" Jeanine frowned. " I will never understand how he could have any well groomed woman in his life and he still want her." She sighed, a part of her was relieved that it wasn't about her video.

"Della is an amazing woman, honey." Ben added making his wife roll her eyes.

"You are the father so talk to your son." She crossed her arms.

"I'm not taking the deal Jenny, you or

feeling like this.

"Fine, I'm leaving." Marcela stormed out, her heels clicking on the tiled floor. She banged the door on her way out leaving Andre and Della all alone.

"Are you okay ?" Andre wrapped his arms around her out of instinct. He missed having her petite body in his arms. He hugged her from the back and she didn't pull away.

She could feel Andre's heart beat behind her, she felt at home. This is why she didn't want to have any skin contact with him. Weird this always happened. Their breathing picked up, Andre couldn't help himself, her skin was so smooth and smelt so heavenly. He laid an innocent kiss on her neck. "I know i did you wrong, this is all my fault." He said in a husky voice, his lips were so close to her earlobe. Andre knew that if he didn't pull away from her, he would do something that he would regret. He had been with so many women but it felt like he hadn't been satisfied for over six good years.

"I'm fine, it's okay Marcela will always be like that." She whispered. He held onto to her as if he didn't want to ever let go.

"You deserve the world, Adela." He laid another kiss on her neck, he laid her black silky hair to one side so he could lay soft kisses on her neck. She shivered. Everytime he laid a kiss she felt like a struck of lightning had hit one on that little spot.

"Uhm Andre, we should probably-" Her sentence was cut off by a moan.

"Mommy ?" Leo yelled from his room. Della immediately pulled away from Angelo as if she was scared of being caught, as if Leo was the parent and they were teenagers being sneaky. It was wrong, she thought.

"Andre, please don't ever do that again. It's wrong." She said in a hurry but he gave her a smirk.

"Then why does it feel so right ?" He smiled widely.

"It feels wrong, there's nothing right or good about this. Please don't ever touch me, please !" She whispered yelled so her son couldn't hear it.

"BABY, I WILL BE THERE RIGHT NOW." She yelled for Leo to hear.

"Adela you can't deny what we have, you will be Mrs. Levetté again, i promise you." He chuckled lightly, Della thought he looked handsome, so handsome but he was wrong.

She would never allow herself to be a puppet of none existent love.

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Lol I'm having a little trouble with the name Andre. My previous book Baby Daddy Facade the main guy was Angelo so I'm so used to the name Angelo. If you happen to see the name Angelo instead of Andre please comment on it so I can correct it.

I had to write this chapter twice, wattpad deleted it. I was so mad.

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