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   Chapter 53 Dear Situation [50]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 3886

Updated: 2018-11-30 00:29

I was about to leave when-

'You better come to the hotel where your father and I currently staying at, young lady. You cannot just run off like that! We have been trying to call you none stop, we will not hesitate to go back home with both you and Zayn.' - Mom.

I mentally cringed just thinking about them dragging us both home. It wouldn't be a pretty scene and I knew my mother never gave empty threats. For all I know my dad could have been processing our transfers to a college in Orlando. Closer to home, where they can watch us. This is what we had been avoiding... we being me and Zayn. My brother must have been fuming at this point, I'm pretty sure.

Suddenly Angelica came in. She noticed how I kept quiet still and continued sleeping on my bed like a dead body, that's what I was actually. Blankly staring at the ceiling-

"What's wrong?" She questioned laying down her text books and water bottle down the desk on her side of the room.

"I hate my life!" I groaned.

"Zaneh, you're scaring me." She said softly coming over to sit on the edge of my bed, where do I start? Today has been a very eventful day.

"My parents know-" I paused. "

I expect a guy who treats his own sister like crap to treat me any indifferently. If anything he treated me worse."

"Sorry!" Was all I could mutter because it was true, throughout summer Zayn hadn't even respected the fact that he was dating Angie. He perused with new girls especially high school seniors. There was something about being in high school and dating a college guy apparently. I never figured out why but it just was. Of course i never told Angie, I couldn't. It was hard to see her hurt like that honestly.

"You need to go your Parents hotel asap! Start sorting your life out." She gave me a warm smile.

"I very much so dream it would end but I have to start somewhere."


This is just a short filler, another much longer update at midnight x

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