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   Chapter 52 Dear Forever [49]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 8523

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My Parents-

Too angry to even want to see me.


Too selfish, to want to see me.


He is a clueless boyfriend.


I was waiting for her to get back from class.


He couldn't stop banging on my dorm room door. Ever since I stormed out, I presumed he had followed me.

"Zaneh...I won't leave." I heard his husky voice say from behind the door. I had stuffed my face in my pillow and let out muffled screams and muffled cries. I probably looked as red as a tomato right at this moment. My nose felt very sensitive from all the crying I had been doing maybe just maybe, I was about to catch a cold.

"I know, I'm the least person you want to see right now at this moment." He let out again. It didn't help that my heart whimpered every time he said something. I was really whipped wasn't I? and it was too late. I had tried to move on with Walter, sweet and nice must have been his middle names. He took me out on loads of fun dates and I just loved his company, we hadn't done anything except kissing. I didn't want to take it that far, the way I had with Harold Styles. Thinking about him made my heart skip a beat, it made me feel jumpy. Seeing him on campus while I walked hand in hand with Walter was the most nerve wrecking thing I had ever had to do. I didn't know if he would be able to control himself or he would abruptly come for Walter. Zayn has the very same reaction, Walter told me how tense things had been at the frat house. Harry had left and Zayn kept warning him that if he ever breaks or plays with me, he would deal with him. I didn't understand why Zayn did the things he did. Sometimes I missed him, I missed him so much, I missed Harry too. I missed the way things use to be before we reached our teenage years, I missed the brother I once had, we did everything together. Thinking about all this made me want to cry honestly but tears just rolled down my cheeks silently.

"You don't have to say anything to me, you can just open the door so I know you're okay... I know this is all my fault." Harry said once again.

"I'm sorry your parents had to find out like that. I'm sorry it was because of my mom, sometimes she can be so blunt.." he added.

I heard girls laughing in the hallway, I presumed they were laughing at Harry. It was a girls dorm, he probably looked stupid seated outside my door. I felt a tad bit bad.

"But you know what..." he kept quiet for a bit and I waited to hear what he would say. I waited to hear him out because I was curious. "I don't regret it

because we aren't on good terms. I just can't imagine me being happy without you. I guess anyone listening to this like the girls eavesdropping in your dorm hallway right now.." he chuckled and I gasped, how many people had been listening to this. "Would think being in love at this age is impossible, it's ludicrous, we're too young but I'm well aware that I have been inlove with you from the days I would talk to you as Edward from England."


The guy, I used to talk to on Twitter.

I always wondered what happened to him and-

"You helped me deal with my parents divorce and I will forever be grateful for that. I'm sorry I deceived you but I knew right there and then that I was inlove with you."

"I'm still inlove with you, I love you Zaneh."

"I love you." He said lowly.

For a while it was silent. My heart felt warm with love, it felt as if my anger had immediately gone away. I felt...

My phone signaled a message.

I unlocked it reviewing the multiple missed calls from Zayn and my parents even Harry's mom but one that caught my eye was Walter's message.

"I know we haven't said this but I can't help it. I know what I feel and I can't wait any longer. Zaneh, I love you." - Walter

Right at this moment, the only question I had was how did my life get so complicated. I knew exactly who I wanted to be with-

I love Harry, I wasn't going to deny myself off this happiness.

I felt horrible for having used Walter as a rebound, I needed to put my life in order and stop sulking. While I was deep in my thoughts, I realized Harry had left.

I didn't want him to leave.

Leave me forever.

Forever sounded like a long time.

A very long time.

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