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   Chapter 51 Dear Parents [48]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6988

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Everything had been going smoothly for a month, that is until my parents decided to visit. I wasn't expecting them to but they insisted saying they had to come either way after receiving an email from the University about Zayn's behavior. This was all my fault, the reason they were even fighting in the first place. I was happy that they had both given me space and stopped coming to my dorm room every given moment. I didn't see Harry much in my lectures, assuming he went back to his old time slot but when I did see him... it was just an awkward sight. He would stare at me until I felt uncomfortable, his stare still sent tingles all over my body; I loathed the idea. I needed to move on hense Walter took me out on a few dates ; four to be exact. Then he finally asked me to be his girlfriend at which I said yes. He would always send me good morning texts, good night texts, wait for me after class. Honestly he was a sweetheart.

"Zaneh, i heard you have been seeing someone ?" My mom asked putting the spotlight on me. Zayn looked angry and my dad seemed to be okay with it as he waited for my answer.

"Uh yes mom." I gave her a gentle smile.

"You finally took my advise huh? the styles boy ?" She grinned and I looked down at my food.

"No, mom. His name is Walter, he is from Australia majoring in accounting. He is a really nice guy." I explained making Zayn scoff.

"I would love to meet my daughters first boyfriend." My dad said looking at my mom. "Honey, we were afraid that maybe you liked girls instead but you were just a late bloomer." They both chuckled and I smiled a bit. Zayn seemed tense in his seat.

"Zayn, do you have any girlfriend ?" My dad asked not wanting to leave him out of the conversation.

"Uh i did but she broke up with me." He shrugged, so Angelica had really ended things with him. He seemed really sad about it, did he love her? I didn't want to ruin my friends happiness even if it was my brother.

"I'm sorry honey." My mom said giving him a sympathetic look and he just shrugged. We talked more over lunch, my parents did most of th

ern while Harry's mom was young and modern, she didn't even mind me telling her that her son and I had sex.

"You know how first loves go ?" Anne smiled. "You give each other your all and morals are easily forgotten."

"Zaneh Malik what exactly did you do with Harry Styles ?" My father questioned looking enraged and beyond furious. Zayn seemed to be enjoying this scene. My eyes felt blurry with tears-

Harry felt helpless.

"Dad-" i mumbled.

"You gave him the gift that only your husband should be graced with ?" My mom asked. "And he wasn't even your boyfriend."

"Mom-" She immediately cut me off.

"When I said have fun this isn't what I meant.." She said sadly, tears ran down my cheeks. I felt beyond embarrassed and hurt. I felt Harry extending his hand and holding mine in his... it was comforting but I immediately pulled away.

"They love each other." Anne said quickly regretting what chaos she had just created.

"It was a bet." I finally let out. "Zayn made a bet with his friends with Harry upon my innocence. I'm sorry I fell for it. Zayn has always treated me badly even during high school. We didn't even talk for two years only when you requested to see us then we would pretend. I didn't mean to disappoint you, I'm sorry." I said as the waterworks left my eyes, i swiftly stood up and left the scene.

Just when I thought I was moving passed it all..

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