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   Chapter 50 Dear ill-treated [47]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5003

Updated: 2018-07-11 04:28

"Darling is that you ?" Harry's mom gasped and I suddenly felt beyond shy.

"Uhm yeah." I shrugged but she immediately pulled me into a hug. She had suggested we met at a small coffee shop just near the campus. I was curious as to why she was suddenly so nice to me. It baffled me because just some weeks back, she didn't like me.

"You look beautiful, this is definitely your color. You look so innocently divine like a sixteen year old." She said blissfully taking a sit across me. I didn't know if I should take that as a compliment. My hair was still the same straight long hair just jet black. Did the blonde hair really make me look bitchy? it did of course grant me enough confidence to forget about all my insecurities.

"Thank you Anne, you look lovely yourself." I gave her a curt smile. We took our orders which were just beverages considering I wasn't in the mood to eat.

"Anne ?" I questioned after taking a sip of my black coffee, she smiled widely. "I'm really concerned as to why you would want to meet me because I don't think we got off on the right foot... last time we met." I explained and she frowned.

"I just had the wrong idea about you. I guess I judged you too soon, you are an amazing girl." She said making me utterly shocked.

"Ehem." I cleared my throat. "You could have just said that over the phone Anne, I'm not really one to hold grudges." I shrugged taking another sip of my coffee, she gave me a warm smile.

"You know that's not the only thing I wa

ey weren't in my life because all they do is cause me pain."

"Remember when you asked me if I had ever been inlove or heartbroken well there's your answer I have loved your son from a distance ever since I was in tenth grade."

"I'm so sorry darling." She said gently. "Whatever your reasons are, i just think you should know that... that boy is madly head over heels inlove with you." She smiled softly.

"With the blonde hair, the person I was pretending to be not with this person you are talking to right now. The person he couldn't stand in high school."

"You are absolutely breathtaking my dear and my son would be very stupid if he ever let's you go." She said standing up. "Thanks for coming dear but I have to get going. Atleast you have heard what I had to say as his mother."

"I appreciated it, Anne. Thank you. I'm sorry for the mess my brother caused." With that she gave me a warm hug before walking away to pay the bill before giving me a wave as she existed the shop.

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