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   Chapter 49 33. Dear old self

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 4772

Updated: 2018-06-30 21:05

"Oh my word, fuck fuck fuck you look beautiful !!" Angie squealed with excitement. "With blonde hair you were gorgeous but right now my friend, in this moment you look beautiful. This is the Zaneh you have been hiding from me ever since we met-" She muttered faintly. I had asked her to help me dye my hair back to its normal color, i needed to do this. I was living a lie, this was who I am and it's who I will always be even if people didn't like it. I didn't have to impress anyone, Zaneh with her jet black hair is who I really am. It brought so many memories, not so happy memories. It reminded me of how this Zaneh could never be enough-

It reminded me of the girl that I used to be.

I sighed.

My hazel brown eyes were even much brighter and bold because of my black hair. I looked at the girl who was looking directly towards me, I didn't want to be broken or to hate anyone anymore or plan some stupid revenge, i just wanted to be me, the girl who was okay with being a loser.

"What do you think ?" Angie asked curiously since I had not said a word.

"I look okay." I smiled faintly.

"Zaneh, you are beautiful in and out. I don't know the things that Zayn and Harry used to say to you in high school but all I know is that they were wrong. All I know is that you intimidated them to the point that they felt the need to break your self esteem for their own self motivation. You want to start over right? thi

nd of the call.

"Uhm Hello." I said walking down the campus.

"It's Harry's mom, I'm in New York and he hasn't been answering my calls do you by any chance know where I might find him ?" She asked, i didn't know why I was the first person she had to call, he obviously had friends.

"I honestly don't know-" I replied trying to hold my books, my laptop bag and my phone on the left ear.

"Do you mind meeting up for coffee ?"

She said catching me off guard.

"I just came out of class right now, did I do something wrong ?" I asked clearly curious.

"Oh nothing, I just thought we could catch up." She replied.

"Anne, if you want to know what's going on between your son and I. Well there is nothing, I broke it off not that it was even a thing." I said out of the blue.

"Let's just meet sweetheart, i will text you the details." With that she hanged up, i mentally wanted to slap myself for letting her persuad me.

I sighed.

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