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   Chapter 48 Dear sad truth

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Of course I knew about the bet, Zayn had told me earlier but I didn't care at that moment because I was still numb and broken, i didn't care about Harry and whatever he did but now it really hit me like a ton of bricks because, i gave myself to Harry. I loved him all over again. Sadly Harry and I weren't meant to be, bad things always happened when we were together. A part of me had used this as an opportunity to break off whatever we had. I was getting cold feet, especially after we had made things offal in the morning. I needed to break off whatever we had, was for the summer now it's back to reality and reality is i need to end all the feelings I have for Harry because they always destroy me.

Harry could never love me, I'm just glad he stalled for the sex.

I was walking away from my third class of the day when I saw Walter coming towards me. He looked happy, his happiness could radiate towards anyone and at this moment I could really use some of that.

"Hey Zaneh." He said engulfing me in a huge bear hug. I felt safe and at peace.

"How was your summer ?" He questioned with a wide smile. My brain immediately did Flashback of everything that had happened throughout. When Harry fucked me in the airplane washroom, dinner with his parents, Harry fucking me in my room, Harry's ex girlfriend and I becoming friends, Harry's fucking me in his car, me meeting Harry's mother, Harry telling me he loves me for the sex, Harry convincing me that we could be a thing. I guess my summer was pretty great.

"It was okay, it was nice seeing my parents." I smiled. "How was yours? your sister is pretty cool by the way." I said as we continued walking around campus.

"And your brother, you guys hardly spend time together. Yeah she is really something, she can't stop talking about you." He chuckled.

"I don't have a brother." I let out a laugh. "Zayn and I are done, I'm going to tell my parents everything. How things have been between us and I hope they accept that I never want anything to do with him." I exhaled. He looked at me with a shocked expression.

"I thought you were now okay with each other." He added sadly.

"My brother couldn't wait to take Harry's money from the bet and spend it so that's really cool." I let out.

"Is that why they beat the shit out of each other and Harry moved out of the frat house ?" He asked. Well I didn't know about that but they are bestfriends nothing could ever come between them sooner or later they would be back to making more bets with each other.

"They are just being boys before you know it, they will be back to being fri

ove you." He said softly, his green eyes glimmered with hope. I stared at him emotionlessly.

"Okay." I replied.

"You love me, i know you do." He said trying to make eye contact.

"I'm actually trying to get over you so this- you wanting to talk isn't helping." I added. "It would be best if you stopped sending me those cheesy texts and calling me none stop. We can't sleep together anymore but other than that thanks for making my summer interesting."

"Zaneh, i-"

"Harry, you are an amazing guy, mostly amazing in bed but i would suggest you try these lines on any other girl on the campus, they would be absolutely happy if you did because I don't know why you insist on chasing me instead."

"Because I love you and I know we could work out besides how everything started in high school and now this. When I made the bet with Zayn, i just wanted an excuse to hang out with you without him questioning why." He explained.

"That's the point exactly Harry. You won your bet, now I would really appreciate if you leave me alone. That's all I ask." I added.

"I won't-" He said looking hurt.

"Harry as much as you and Zayn enjoy hurting me, it would be great if you gave me a break." I said standing up and neatly folding his Nirvana t-shirt I had worn the day I slept over at his apartment and the rolling stone t-shirt i had worn three days ago.

"I don't want to hold anything against you and Zayn, i just want to move on from all this. We are always running in circles and this feels like high school all over again so I would rather just put an end to it now." I handed him his shirts.

I opened the door then whispered.."Good bye Harry." and I watched him slowly walk out without a word.

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