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   Chapter 45 Dear Inamorata [43]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10371

Updated: 2018-05-15 12:03

He held me all so gently, laying soft gentle kisses on my neck. I moaned the pleasure he was giving me. I let my hands roam in his curls, in a swift moment he helped me tug my dress off me. This was different, it was rushed, it wasn't driven or pressured. It was slowly sensational, he took his time exploring my body giving me pleasure that I had never ever imagined I could feel without him even pounding into my core. I helped him remove his dress shirt, tugging his pants down. He straddled on top of my body. I could feel how needy he was down there as he pressed his erection on me but with the little undergarments still keeping us from having skin to skin contact.

He slowly unhooked my bra, throwing it across the room. His hands reached for my boobs, holding them in his large hands. I moaned from bliss. I felt joie de vivre shoot all over my body just from his touch. No words were mattered with our heavy breathing, we both knew what we wanted. He laid sloppy kisses on my left breast, taking it in his mouth while his erection was still pressed on my burning core. I arched my back letting him explore my body a little more. Soon enough he slipped my panties off leaving me bare for him to touch and see. He kissed me savagely on my lips while his fingers made their way towards my slit. I moaned a little louder in his mouth when his finger flicked on my already aroused clit. He kissed my neck biting a little hard on it. He kept on stroking my already wet clit. His finger then entered between my slick folds, i moaned against his lips. Harry started pumping as I moved rhymically with his finger inside me. Added two more fingers widening my little hole. I moaned hysterically from the bliss I felt. I could feel it at the pit of my stomach, i was close. With his thumb pressing hard on my throbbing clit, i let go. Ecstasy flooding through body like a wave.

I opened my eyes only to see him staring at me. "You are so fucking beautiful Zaneh." He hissed under his breath. His green orbs told me he meant it, his green eyes told me he wanted this just as much as i did.

He captured my lips in a mesmerising kiss. I couldn't wait for him to make love to me but he had other plans as he laid sloppy kisses from the valley of my breasts to my stomach until he reached his destination between my thighs. It felt so good when he gave me a kiss right on my clit. He let his wet tongue lick in between my fold, making me moan his name. "Uh- Harry." I bucked my hips asking for more. He continued teasing me with sloppy kisses on my slick folds. My hands in his curls, pulling at his hair which made him groan from the pleasure radiating from both our bodies. "Please Harry." I moaned. He started flicking his tongue on my clit, i moaned from the buzz that' was radiating in between my legs. He kissed my core, giving it a lick every once in a while. I felt so good, i bucked my hips for more while touching my already hard nipples.

My hands went back to Harry's now messy locks. "Uh-ooh- Harr-uh" I wailed which seemed to encourage Harry to do more. I could feel it at the pit of my stom

me even more aroused. Everytime he thrust into me, it made glossy, greasy, icy, lubrious, sleek, slithery, slippery sounds continously. He let his tongue go deep inside my mouth as he pressed his erection erection deep inside me. It was slow and sensational. It felt like it would last forever, i had never felt so good. I had not had many sexual experiences with other guys but I was sure this was the best sex I had ever had infact we both knew this was not sex, he was making love to me, taking his time to pleasure me. My legs wrapped around him he hit deeper angles making me cry with pleasure. "Uhhh-Harr-uh-" i closed my eyes feeling him, all of him inside me. He growled biting on my earlobe his finger circled around my clit within a few more minutes I reached my climax. It was was more sleeky, with one last plunge he flipped us over and I was now on top. I let myself go up and down enjoying the friction between us. His hands went on my hard nipples, playing with them. I moaned when his hand slapped my butt. His fast now fast thrusts met my slow thrusts. He gave looked at me with adoration in his eyes. I held my hair up with one hand as I went up and down his shaft. He held my hips hitting all the right spots. I leaned down to kiss him as he thrust inside me, making my long hair fall on his face and my face. I giggled and moaned at the same time gently kissing him with my hair covering us like a net. I rounded my hips around him making him growl, his eyes closed as I circled my hips around his dick. Biting on his lip, i had never experienced anything so beautiful. His hands cupped my butt helping me get in deeper. With one last dip, felt him shoot his seeds inside me. It was a warm mesmerising fuzzy feeling. My climax followed right after. I collapsed on his chest.

"I love you too Harry." I whispered in a small voice, i felt him smile as we kissed. I pulled out his dick from my core laying beside him. I instantly felt sore but it was worth it.

We stayed silent, only our raggard breathing resonating the silence.

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