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   Chapter 44 Dear Love makers [42]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6200

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"A kiss, when all is said, what is it? A rosy dot on the 'i' in loving; Tis a secret told to the mouth instead of to the ear." - Edmond Rostand


We had been driving for almost thirty minutes and my patience was running out. The truth of the matter is both our houses weren't that far away from the event. He's hand laid on my thigh squeezing it from time to time.

"You better not be taking me back home." I interrupted the silence earning myself a chuckle.

"That's the last thing, i would do." He took my hand gently kissing my knuckles ; his eyes fully fixated on the road. We finally arrived at a grand hotel, i felt my heart flutter.

"I booked us a hotel room." He smirked. "The honeymoon suite so we will just have to pretend to be newlyweds because I kind of lied."

I was a little taken back. "You know you didn't have to besides you can still fuck me in the car or anywhere, it doesn't have to cost you."

"It has to cost me because I love you and you deserve to be fucked in a fuck-worthy place." I didn't know why i was grinning like an idiot.

"Good thinking because I don't think I can handle being embarrassed by your stepmother asking about our sex life ." I gave him a lopsided smile.

"I like how you said 'Our ' sex life." He said bluntly and honestly I didn't know why i was warming up to him like this.

"Besides this is our last night before going back to New York." He muttered but what he didn't know was this was different our last night together as in ever. I do not want to get attached. I do not want to be hurt. It's better to break it off before I'm in too deep.

- Ain't you already in too deep.

"I will make it worth it." He pressed his lips on my temple before exiting the car. I followed right behind him and he enveloped my hand into his making it a perfect fit.


At the reception we were m

ll this so I could fix this. Even though you said you wanted your first time to be that way...rough and all. I know no girl would want that even you Zaneh. You deserved better and I'm sorry I treated you lie crap and took your virginity without vanity." I felt watery substance wailing up under my eyes. The old Zaneh always imagined her first time to be some sort of special but I didn't allow myself to feel crappy about it. I didn't like myself, infact I just had a low self esteem that what I did with Harry was just to- prove a point. I don't know what i was thinking...

I didn't want to feel infact I didn't feel anything for a while.

"I love you and I want to prove to you that I can be a better man for you not just an arsehole." He explained with genuine pride in his green emerald eyes.

"I want correct all my wrongs with all the rights, if you allow me."

"Yes." I smiled at the thought.

"Make love to me Harry." I kissed him softly and I could feel the smile tugged on his lips. "That was the plan love." He let his lips linger on my lips as he looked into my eyes not breaking any eye contact. We were literally breathing the same air and I loved the feeling.

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