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   Chapter 31 Dear Period Pains. [31]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 7011

Updated: 2018-05-15 11:55

"The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands." ~ Alexandria Penney


"Wake up, you lazy ass." I fluttered my eyes open only to meet the cushion Zayn deliberately threw at me.

"What's your problem ?" I said in pissed tone. I raised my body with my palms, now I was in a sitting position as I laid my head on the headboard. I was about to lift my leg but I stopped because of the ache between my thighs. Harry didn't take it easy on my last night, he made me go to the back seat and lay there so he could fuck me properly.

"It's fucking eleven am and you are still in bed, why are acting like you have been fucked."

"Don't yell at me Zayn. Get out." I yelled.

"I'm just looking out for you because only pregnant people sleep until this time. Get your lazy ass up."

Pregnant. No ways I'm on birth control.

"Okay. Doctor Malik thank you for your idiotic diagnosis." I stood up from my bed hiding the fact that I was slightly sore. I limped to the bathroom.

"Why are you walking like that ?" He furrowed his eyebrows.

"Uh haha like what ?" I nervously giggled.

"Like that.." He pointed at me.

"Period pains." I lied.

"Remember the first time you started your period.." He laughed hysterically hitting the door.

"You thought you were dying." He chuckled. "And I actually thought someone had stabbed you. That was the worst day of my life, i really thought I was close to losing you." he said the last part his laugh dying out.

"Can you go out? I need to change." He nodded and went out. I went inside the ensuite to pee then I noticed little bits of blood on my panties. Just great now I can't have fun with Harry. My lower abdomen felt heavy and sore, i always had the worst period pains and I hated it. It felt like someone was continuously pulling my intestines.

I noticed even my pee had blood so I flushed the toilet and got into the shower. It's official no sex for four days or more, can I live up to that long. I took a quick shower, dressed into the most comfortable clothes then laid on my bed. I felt like I was smelling and

he should totally Skype me or something...I'd really love to hear her ranting about 5sos like you said." I grimaced.

"You remembered ?" He said in a shocked tone.

"Ofcause, I'm a good listener."

"Well hey there Waltz ?" Harry grabbed my phone and speaking with a clenched jaw. Suddenly he stood up...

"We are kind of in the middle of something, how about you call her like uhm never." He said in a sarcastic tone. I jumped from my bed as Harry towered over me with his height.

"Okay bye." He ended the call.

"Why did you do that ?" I crossed my arms.

"Because I wanted to." I had never seen Harry this pissed.

"You can't do that, you ain't the boss of me." I raised my voice. "You know, get out."

"Fine." He spat, i didn't expect that I thought he was going to beg me.

"I will tell Niall to bring your pills, call when you are done being a bitch and if you like Waltz boy then do me a favour and stay the fuck away from me and stop acting like you are the only girl with pussy because trust me i can get laid anywhere while you go on stupid ass dates with Waltz boy. Bullshit." He turned to reach the door, i just stood there stupefied.

"Fine." I yelled as I slumped onto my bed grabbing a pillow and throwing it on the floor.

He banged the door on his way out. I hate him right I know I haven't said that in a long time but I fucking hate him.

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