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   Chapter 28 Dear Missed. [28]

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"No bed is big enough to hold three." ~ German Proverb.


"Oh my God, Angie don't make it a big deal." I facepalmed.

"You slept with the 'Harry Styles' and I'm the last person to" She said on the other side of the receiver, in a playful tone. "Well that doesn't matter but you gave your virginity to him."

"Can we talk about something else." I groaned covering my face with a pillow.

"No, absolutely not." She replied.

"How's California ?" I asked.

"We ain't done" she paused. "Was the sex good though? and thanks for asking I'm super bored, Cali is great." I could sense the sarcasm from her voice.

"Honestly I enjoyed every moment of it, why didn't you tell me that it was that good? I would have lost my viginity earlier."

"Well you didn't ask so ?"

"As a friend it would have been great if you told me."

"Okay I'm telling you now. Sex is amazing. but wait don't get pregnant or anything...I'm not ready to host a baby shower for my best friend yet." She said in a nonchalant tone making me laugh, i missed her so much.

"No babies anytime soon." I replied laughing to myself.

"Anyways how's Zayn? Is he doing anything that I would want him to- I know I sound like a stalker or whatever but as a friend you would tell me right even if he is your twin...if it just so happened that he was cheating." She said without taking a breather.

"Uhm i don't know." I said in a lazy tone.

"Oh no, I definitely know something is up. How can you not know? Don't you live in the same house? oh his cheating? dammit I knew it."

"No no, I'm being honest, he's always playing video games with his friends so I doubt he has anytime for cheating." I assured her even though I was not even sure myself.

"You are right." She said calmly.

"Why don't you give him a call ?" I suggested.

"Yepp good idea but I don't want to sound or act like a clingy girlfriend." She said in a thoughtful tone.

"Right." I added.

your room for eternity." He paused. "So don't attempt it." He warned biting the apple he had in his hand. I stared at him in disbelief.

"You are unbelievable." I shook my head grabbing my headphones.

"I'm fucking serious...Zaneh." He clenched his jaw.

"Yeah right and I'm the only child." I rolled my eyes.

"Don't be smart with me, Missy."

"FYI we were actually born on the same day same hour, just three minutes difference, i think you forgot that part." I faked an innocent smile.

"I'm three minutes older. Approximately 540 seconds apart." He smirked.

"Right, you must be so proud of you want an award or something ?" I deadpanned.

"A Grammy would be great actually.." He played along looking out of my room. Irritated, i threw a pillow at him, he always has a comeback for everything...

I didn't know if I was happy Harry decided to keep whatever we had a secret even costing him his pride with his friends...when could have easily told them that we slept together multiple times. I mean the fact that we didn't actually use condoms anymore is proof enough that it was an ongoing deal and we trusted each other in every intimate way.

Oh Harry.

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I actually wrote this chapter outside class after my Geography teacher told me to get out. smh...??

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