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   Chapter 25 Dear Lovers. [25]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 9123

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"The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you." ~ Brendan Behan


I was eager, so eager to feel him on to of my body, eager for for him to make me forget, eager for him pamper my body with pleasure like he always did. He hovered on top of my body, while kissing my neck...making my insides feel like exploding. He knew what he was doing and he did it right. This time was different from our other sexual encounters, it was slow and mesmerizing and not rough and rushed. I ran my hands through his hair, as he layed kisses on my collarbone. My breasts were as hard as stone once he pressed his erection on thigh. I moaned when his lips finally met mine, i wanted this...I really needed him.

He suddenly stood up as I looked at him in awe, he had a smirk on his face as he removed his Armani Blazer leaving him in button up that was not tucked in. He looked a sexy mess. I lifted his shirt off my body making him gulp. "I was waiting for you." I murmured when he connected our lips, his hands on my breasts. "For about Fourty-five minutes." I moaned in between the kisses. "Oh yeah." I could feel him smiling in between the kiss. His long fingers trailed their way down to my belly button, my thigh...stopping he started massaging my clit.

"Oh Harry-" i moaned. He trailed his kisses, sloppy kisses from my lips, my jawline, my collarbone, my breasts, the valley of my breasts, my stomach right down to my core. It was heaven on earth. "I see you don't have any panties on." He said in a kusky voice. "I told you I was waiting for you." I smiled. "I wanna taste you." He said. "Now open wide for me."

I had never done this before and I felt very insecure about it. "You are beautiful, love don't ever doubt that." He murmured



"Beautiful." He whispered laying kisses on my thighs until I willingly opened for him. He grimaced..."You are so innocent...yet so stubborn." He smirked as his thumb rubbed on my clit making me gasp, groan and moan incoherently sounds.

"Ha-ar-rry-" i moaned when his long pointing finger entered my wet core. I couldn't think straight this was what I needed at this very moment. If this is what they called heaven I wouldn't want to stay away. I would want to die young at this very moment just to enjoy this with him.

He pulled out his finger with a beautiful grin on his face as he licked it. "Now let me have a taste ?" He said his voice husky and lowly seductively. I looked at him my hair sprawled on the white sheets, my legs wide open only for him. He removed his button up showing off his tattoos that gave him a bad boy look. He kneeled before me, he's green orbs looking straight into

uck you baby." He commanded, i quickly opened my eyes only to meet his. The look in his wasn't lust but something else...with one strong thrust we both gave in to our highs. I could feel him shooting warm liquid that made me feel warm and fuzzy as I tightened around him milking every last bit. He flipped us over and I was now on top, feeling tired I laid on his chest. Sweat visible between us, we were both still connected as he was still inside me.

"I should-" He said but I laid my finger on his lips.

"Don't, I like having you inside me." I smiled making circles on his chest tracing the tattoos.

"I love-" He added but I cut him off again.

"Don't ruin it please." I mumbled. He's fingers we roaming inside my hair giving me a feeling of comfort.

Suddenly I pulled out from his huge length, wincing a bit. I laid beside him on his chest as he pulled the sheets over our naked bodies. It was silent except our rapid breathing, i looked at the silver clock noticing it was almost five pm.

"Shower with me ?" He asked entwining our fingers.

"No, you know we will need another two more hours." I giggled.

"No funny business just a shower then stay for dinner, i will drop you off right after." He explained calmly.

"Okay." I smiled. Standing up from the bed, butt naked I walked into the bathroom.

"You look freshly fucked with all those flowing juices." Harry commented making me shy.

"Stop it Harry." I wrapped the sheets around my body only realising, Harry's release was now flowing down from folds to between my thighs making its way out.

"I like how you suddenly became shy." He laid a gently kiss on my temple as he turned on the shower while I just watched him, sitting on the stool next to the basin. He looked simply gorgeous without even trying.

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