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   Chapter 23 Dear Red Heads. [22]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5559

Updated: 2018-05-15 11:51

A week had passed and I was bored. I read all the novels I had borrowed from the Library, i watched all the seasons of Orange is the new black and Prison break. Whenever Harry was around we would hang out in my room, i liked being sneaky with him-- not that I was in any way dating him. It was sort of like an affair. Zayn was his usual self which I didn't mind.

My dad convinced me that it was a good idea to go back to my old summer job. I scoffed like I was too old for that but then my my mom added no one is ever too old to earn money. During high school, every summer I used to work at Gustavo Bakery, it was great but not so great because Zayn and friends and girlfriends hang out there all the time, convenient for treating me like shit. The owner was Gustavo was my dad's buddy, that's how I got the job. It was quite funny how I never had friends my age, always people that were a decade older than me. Gustavo was your Italian 5'3, just 2 inches shorter than me, he had a great sense of humour and always made me feel good about myself whenever he would tell me his embarrassing stories.

"People in Italia always teased me about my height, i don't know why those kids tease you. They must be jealous of your beauty."

I smiled at the thought of that but that smile soon faltered at the thought.


I made my way down the school hall ways, i know people usually laugh at me but today it's just 10× worse. I brushed it, putting some loose strands behind my ear, i made my way to my locker only to find. A poster of me and Gustavo, i was embraced in his arms with a smile on my face. We took that picture when I had turned my fifteenth b

employee who is round about your age..." Gustavo added leading me to the till. Maybe I will get a friend, i thought. My face immediately changed when I saw her with her Auburn hair that was shoulder length...maybe it was her I thought but I shuddered when I saw the tattoo H&S on her slim hand.

"Sofia this is my granddaughter, Zaneh." He added his hand still on my shoulder, she looked at me with shock. I held onto the counter suddenly feeling like air was being knocked out of my lungs.

"Zaneh are you okay.." Gustavo asked. Everything seemed to feel dizzy going round and round. Sofia didn't matter a word as she was still in shock. The next thing I knew I was consumed in the dark. Out of every single thing nothing had ever prepared me for this...

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