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   Chapter 19 Dear Disappointed. [19]

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"Two things only a man cannot hide, that he is drunk and that he is inlove." Antiphanes


I looked at my own reflection on the mirror. Did I like what I saw? Yes. I looked at a girl with a petite body, her blonde hair in a bun and red lipstick on her lips, her hazel brown eyes were staring right back at her with pride and curiosity. I had never met any guy's parents well this wasn't a big deal considering I wasn't dating Harry Norman was i planning on dating him.

It was almost seven and I was running out of time so I straightened my black dress that curved my body in all the right places leaving the right amount of cleavage and showing off my tanned legs.

"Oh my God-" i yelped. "Zayn don't creep on me like that." I placed my hand on my chest.

"Do I know this friend of yours ?" He asked not minding my previous rant.

"Well no it doesn't matter." I shrugged making my way downstairs.

"It does and you are going to tell me." He stood in front of me closing my way.

"It don't have time for this, Zayn." I said with a bored expression.

"Well I have all the time in the world infact you are not going, if I don't know this dimweed."

"It's Harry now get out of my way." I rolled my eyes.

"What? you mean Harry is in another Harry right definitely not Harry Styles ?" He chuckled.

"What? you think I'm too lame to hang out with your friends ?" I asked him with a solemn expression.

"I didn't say that. Don't put shit in my mouth." He gritted his teeth.

"Okay." I made my way downstairs where my parents were preparing dinner together, oh right today was Lasagne Tuesdays. I missed that but I couldn't afford to miss this.

"Oh darling you look beautiful..." My father smiled while chopping the onions. "Too bad you are going to miss this awesome meal and a movie." He said in a playful tone.

"Ah darn it that sucks dad." I faked being hurt.

"So you took my advise huh ?" My mom grinned with her pink apron on. She still had it? It has been there since I was eight.

"You could say that." I smiled.

"You look beautiful Zaneh." My mom said giving me a peck on the cheek. I was never good at receiving compliments so I just blushed and brushed it off.

"What? Mom do you know who she is going out with ?" Zayn huffed. "With Harry, Harry the player, the frat boy, the womanizer, the-"

"Zayn honey calm down. Harry seems

ry." I laid my hand on top of his sending shots of electricity between us and we both felt it but I ignored it probably sexual tension. "I know how awkward highschool was. I like what we have right now, it's fun nothing serious to it. Trust me I'm not expecting you to ask me out on a date, shower me with gifts, make me your valentine, call me your girlfriend whatever you are expected to do in a relationship. I don't want that and I'm definitely not expecting it from you." I shrugged.

"Besides you can date whomever you want, i mean I'm not one to pry on your love life." I added.

He looked at me thoughtfully as I said these things. "So what do we call this ?" He asked in dismay.

"I don't know." I paused. "What do you call it? fuck buddies or friends with benefits..." He smiled.

"No that's just off." I muttered and he smiled.

"How about your best friend's sister ?" I grinned and his smile immediately faltered.

"My best friend's sister ?" He looked at me in disbelief.

"I don't know Harry. I'm not experienced at such things, i mean you are the fuckboy so you would know." I gave an innocent shrug but could feel him burning holes through me.

"Besides I don't go around having sexual relationships with anyone that's your expertise." I added and he looked angry, wasn't that the truth.

"We should probably get in." I opened the door leaving him stunned or rather stupefied. What was he expecting? The sex is great that's the only part of the deal I want nothing else.




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