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   Chapter 18 Dear Stepmother. [18]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6319

Updated: 2018-05-15 11:48

"When a man of fourty falls in love with a woman of twenty, it isn't her youth he is seeking but his own." Lenore Coffee


"Uh Vera hi." Harry said in a tensed voice but she smiled and came closer closing the few metres between us.

"Is this your girlfriend ?" She gave a friendly smile.

"Uh no Vera, She is just a friend." He nervously scratched his back, it made me curious as to who was she.

"Oh, My name is Vera Agranova. Sorry for me bad English." She chuckled. "But I get better soon."

"Oh that's okay, I'm Zaneh. Nice to meet you." I gestured at handshake but she was hesitant and pulled into a hug. Harry only seemed to get even more tense as each second past.

"You should join for dinner. I'm happy I finally meet Harry's friends, he always never home." She frowned sadly.

"Uh Vera, No she can't come...I mean-"

"I will be there." I interrupted Harry.

"Wonderful, 7pm then ?" She said with giddiness.

"Sure." with another hug she turned away walking to her red sport car which was parked a few cars away from us.

"Is that who I think it is ?" I turned to Harry who was glaring at me.

"Uh yeah." He shrugged.

"But she seems nice." I blurted out leaning on the car with my elbow.

"I guess." He replied.

"Must be pretty cool to have a step mother that young."

"You have no idea." Harry sarcastically added.

I went to the other side of the car as he opened the driver's door. He seemed very sad about that scene but it couldn't be that bad well she wasn't as bad as he had said.

"Hey can I ask you a question ?"

"Yeah sure." He said as he pulled out of the parking.

"If she is still learning English then how did she meet your dad or how did they even communicate before that ?" Suddenly he started laughing and I was taken aback with that response because it wasn't funny.

"And here I was thinking you were going to ask somet


"I like your voice."

Where did that come from? Zaneh

"Don't try to change the subject." Then suddenly the car came to a halt, it was almost dark and checking my phone it had several missed calls making me groan.

"Come here love." Harry said lowering his seat. I didn't hesitate, for some reason I was getting too comfortable around Harry and if my fifteen year old self could see this...she would probably die of happiness. I removed my seat belt then sat on Harry's lap with both my thighs on either side. It wasn't comfortable with the staring wheel on my back but as soon as Harry laid his soft plump lips on mine, it didn't matter...I didn't mind. This was different, it was soft and slow. "So I will pick you up in an hour." He spoke in between the kisses as he's hands gripped my butt. "Uh yah." I moaned. No complains but he always had a way of making me feel good. I ran my hands through his curls as he laid sloppy kisses on my neck.

"I Have to go." I mumbled.

"We will finish this later." He smiled showing off his pearly whites.

"I don't think so." I got back into my seat and opened the door making my way out, without as much as even waving good bye. The first day of summer at home well spent I guess.

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