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   Chapter 17 Dear Doctor. [17]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 9926

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"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly." ~ Rose Franken


What the hell am I doing? The sex was great but ofcause I regret every bit of it. Something deep down inside my soul knows this is wrong not because Harry is a fuckboy but the fact that I'm just giving into him. I can't even think straight when he is around, this is definitely not how I imagined first time having sex and my second sexual experience as well. You are playing him remember?

Well that is now just an excuse to be with him all the time. Ofcause I want to fuck him over but I can't keep lose control and focus here. I need to get my shit together.

"You seem distracted..." My dad snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Uhm no. What did you say ?" I shifted uncomfortable on my chair, we were having breakfast the flight was well, I don't even want to think about it. We went our separate ways as Harry went to his Father and Step mother's house. I had forgotten his situation...shit.

"She is not much of a talker." Zayn added shoving pancakes in his mouth.

"Zayn don't eat with your mouth open." My mom scolded.

"Swori, Thas is jost soooooooo good." He continued eating like an animal. It felt good to be home, i missed my mom's lavender fragrance.

"I missed you guys." I smiled looking at my plate.

"We missed you too baby." My parents both cooed.

"Your brunette roots are starting to out grow your blonde hair, maybe I should do your hair." My mom suggested as she sipped on her orange juice, i hadn't even realised it.

"Jost go bwack to black." Zayn rambled.

"Close your mouth Zayn." I frowned losing my appetite.

It's not about Zayn it's about Styles.

"You have barely touched your pancakes ?" My dad asked gesturing his fork at my plate.

"I'm just not feeling well right now." I didn't exactly lie, it was the truth. I had unprotected sex and I was freaking out.

I can't have a baby right now. You can't have a baby. No we can't have a baby.

My subconscious yelled in my head making me even more conscious.

"Oh what's wrong? Maybe it's the jet fatigue." My mom laid her hand on my forehead.

"Just go lie down for a bit." My dad suggested.

"Uhm no actually let me just go for a walk and maybe it will go away." I said standing up from the kitchen island.

"That's a good idea." My mom smiled giving me a peck on the forehead. "I'm just glad you are home, i missed you.

"Hey! what about me." Zayn frowned.

"You too Zaynie." My mom cooed making Zayn cringe.

I went upstairs to freshen up so I could sort this out- this as in this this. I wore a pair of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt with vans. I bid my goodbye to my mom and dad as they continuously told me to be careful like I was a kid. Oh right you are now a women since you get fucked and all.

I felt horrible, as I checked the mail...I saw an advert for baby diapers making the feeling sink in. As I passed my neighbors house 'The Waltons' an old swee

ing new have butterflies from the amount of people in the reception area who were eyeing us.


After getting lost a couple of times in the mall, we finally found the drug store. There was no huge line at the till which I was thankful for. We gave the the transcription from Doctor. Henderson...within ten minutes Harry was paying. He has been fucking you so he might as well pay...

I was reading the instructions for the morning pill as we walked to Harry's car only realising it was almost four pm. You spent almost half of the day with Harry.

"Just drink it, then we will rest assured." He smirked handing me a bottle of mineral water.

"No I need to know what exactly I'm putting in my body." I snapped at him making him raise his hands.

"Just trying to help." He smiled. I sweat his smile is contagious.

"Okay so It says works within 24 hours right and you-" i blushed at the thought.

"We fucked 18 hours ago." He grimaced. "Now take the pills love." He casually said handing me the bottle. I gulped down the two little orange pills but I felt like I will only be assured when my period arrives.

"There you go." He grinned.

"Harry stop treating me like a child." I leaned against the hood of his car and he stepped close. Lowering down to my lips, i knew he was going to kiss me and I wasn't going to stop him. He's warm breath fanned my face as he slid a loose strand of my blonde hair behind my ear. My breath hitched as he's green eyes looked at my own hazel brown, i wish I knew what he was thinking about.

"Harold ?" We both looked to where the voice was coming from. "I didn't know you here I thought you rest after long flight." She said in what sounded like a Russian or German accent. She was carrying alot of shopping bags and hers shades on top of her head. Honestly she looked like a model with her natural blonde hair.

"Uh Vera hi." Harry didn't seem pleased.

Who is she? probably one of his many hook ups.

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