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   Chapter 15 Dear Loner. [15]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5388

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"Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for." ~ Dag Hammarskjld


I have no idea, if I was avoiding Harry or he was the one avoiding me, as much as i hated to admit it...I thought about that day more often than anything else. I can't believe a full month had already passed by and yet time seemed to be standing still for me ofcause. He went back to his late lectures I suppose and I - well continued with mine. He got what he wanted...

I hang out with Walter quite often in Harry's absence - what do I mean Harry's absence was he ever present in my life? Angie and Zayn were constantly having their ups and downs almost everyday in their toxic relationship, honestly I couldn't keep up anymore. The semester was over and time for students to go home or crash at their friends places or better yet that time of the year where romantic guys take their girlfriends to meet their parents. How cheesy...

I always fail to understand, what's all the hype about being in a relationship especially with everyone on twitter or instagram always commenting relationship goals. I don't want any type of relationship, I'm selfish; I know and I don't really care. I'm glad life taught me a lesson when I was still in high school that way, now that I'm in college I'm more experienced.

I don't understand myself sometimes and i will never understand why I liked Harry so much that it broke me. Who are you kidding you loved him... No no no I don't know what love feels like but what I felt for Harry wasn't it at all maybe just some crazy obsession on my broth

e smirked and I laughed.

"That was a good one...Zayn." I continued laughing.

"I'm dead serious." He paused. " I just came to let you know, like the good brother I am...I booked a flight for my baby Sister."

"I'm guessing you want a Grammy for that ?" I rolled my eyes.

"Harry was right you have changed."

"Well thanks for discussing me behind my back." I faked a smile.

"What did you do to him...?"

"Who ?" I asked still absent-minded.

"Harry who else.."

Well I fucked him no let him fuck me...I don't know but we fucked.

"Nothing, i mean I hardly talk to your friends." I shrugged.

"I will found out eventually, trust me." He said with a curious tone.

"Good luck with that...ey"

"I don't need luck."

"Well you are wasting your time..."

"If it involves my sister and my best friend then I'm definitely not wasting my time."

"I'm touched unfortunately I'm not so much into poetry." I curtly replied.

"You are some piece of work..Zaneh" He chuckled to himself as he headed out of my room.

Maybe going home won't be so bad.

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