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   Chapter 6 Dear Pretender. [6]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5598

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"Bloody may be thicker than water but love is thicker than anything." ~ Goldie Nash


The week was spent with me avoiding Harry, reason being I have no idea... I just know its for the best and his not my favourite person neither Zayn nor Louis and friends except Walter. Walter walter walter, Angelica kept telling me that he is constantly asking about me every time when she meets him in Economics lecture room which got me thinking maybe he like Angie and just used my name to have something to talk about I guess.

That changed when I met him in the library the other day, we talked for a while and I must say his really a nice person. Louis and Niall kept laughing at him for walking around with me but he didn't care, he simply brushed it off and continued talking to me. I asked him why he did not care about his fraternity brothers teasing me ; all he said was 'I dunno I guess you mean more to me than them'

Yes, he's a sweetheart. Zayn then came the following day warning me about Harry and for some reason I promised him to do just that, for the first time Zayn and I were talking like the way we used to when we we were kids. No one really understood what we were saying and we called it 'Zalanguage' crazy huh?

Maybe he was just happy that I would stay away from his best friend Harry. I thought to myself... It had been an hour since I have been staring at brown pages of this romantic novel but wasn't really reading, my thoughts were flooded with everything that had Happened the past week. I always sit on these campus benches after my lectures or before my lectures, I like looking at the view seeing people rush to where ever they are headed to, l

re but where Zayn was..


Unknown : The more you avoid me the more I get inspired to go further and try harder.

I immediately knew who it was, wondered where he got my numbers.

Me : inspired to get in my panties, great goal.

Douchebag Styles : well at least I'm upfront and straight foward, I wanna fuck you so will it be the hard way or easy way baby girl?

Me : Harry Styles please please go back to when I was disgusting to you.

Douchebag Styles : that was before I found out bout your banging body...

Me : Just look for someone who matches your needs coz I'm not it, I was never it.

Harry surely had a appealing way of sweeping a girl off her feet not that I wanted him to. I accepted the fact that Harry was never mine and never will be long back in high school when he spat the words in my face.

- - - Flash back- - -

"Never will I ever date nor fuck Zayn's gross little sister, its fucking social suicide." Harry raised his coke in the air as everyone drank to that while on a Camp trip, the worst camp of my life, I only went once and it was the worst too.

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