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   Chapter 4 Dear Friend. [4]

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"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." ~ Ingrid Bergman


The rest of the week was spent with me avoiding Harry well and Angie on my tale about Zayn. She went on a date with him and I warned her but she was convinced it would be pretty cool to change a bad boy into a gentleman. She watches too many movies, I guess. Zayn texted me a few times which I never replied because i didn't want anything to do with him after he solemnly accused me of chasing Harry and making a fool out of myself. Harry texted me and I wondered where he got my numbers thanks a lot Angie.I spent most my time studying in my lonely dorm room or watching Netflix all day there was no in between. It was currently 2am when I got a call from Zayn which I ignored then I got another from Harry don't know why but I answered.

" Hello ?" I was greeted with a loud sounds from the backgrounds of cause his at a party.

"Zaneh do you mind coming to pick up Angie, she's kind of wasted and causing a scene with Zayn." He didn't have to say anymore I knew this would happen some time soon.

"Okay uhm text the address, I'll be right there as soon as possible."

I ended the call changing into my sweats and a black tank top, my hair was already pulled into a messy bun.


Arriving at the scene my mind consumed with Angie 'I hope she is okay.' I whispered to myself as I shut my car door. It didn't take me a minute to see the same Black Audi R7 parked among the rest of the cars, mine was silver so there was a difference I didn't want anything that was the same as Zayn. Unfortunately I couldn't do anything about my eyes. When i made my way I noticed people leaving, I guess the party was over and dismissed before I even got to the door. The pool was filled with floating bottles of alcohol and clothing, I cringed at the thought of how someone would leave their bra and panties in the pool...

When I got to the door, the house was empty and trashed.

"Hey you must be Zaneh." A guy greeted me with messy brown hair. I think I saw him at campus with Zayn, Liam and Niall.

"Hi." I smiled "and you are ?"

"I'm Walter." He said shaking my hand, I could sense a thick Aussie accent.

"Uhm okay where's Angie." I asked and he led me upstairs to where she was sprawled on the bathroom floor. My heart dropped with a thud and quickly ran to hold her hair while she threw out her intestines.

How could such a beautiful girl look so horrible in a heartbeat of a week the only explanation was Zayn and he wasn't even here to help her out.

"Okay Angie you will be okay." I whispered.

"Let's just wash your face, yeah ?" She nodded.

"Zaneh is that you ?" She slurred

"Yes, its Zaneh." I gently spoke taking a towel I spotted on the silver handle soaking it with warm water in the basin. Wiping her face and the corner of her lips.

"Stay here okay? I will get you some water ?" I gently tucked a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. I didn't know what happened but all I know is it was bad and I wasn't going to like it.

I saw Walter and Harry whisper to each other when I walked out.

"Uhm Walter can you show me the kitchen ?" I said not even acknowledging Harry's presence. He made me feel like shit everyday of my high school life there is no way we are going to pretend that we are suddenly best of friends.

"Yeah sure." He lead the way but I was pulled into a room.

"Can we talk ?" He's said his green eyes piercing into mine before I looked away and reminded myself why I was here.

"Yeah uhm where's Zayn ?" I asked shifting mybeyes to everything else but him.

That was when the door flipped open. Zayn's messy hair and bloody shirt was the first thing that caught my eye. Oh my gosh I gasped I hate him but his still my brother.

"Zaneh you flippen left Angie in the bathroom while you made out with lover boy here." He said with Anger filming.

"Uhm I was going to get her water." I stuttered " Zanie are you okay ?" I mumbled under my breath his still my brother I'd hate to see him like this with a busted lip and busted knuckles.

"That doesn't matter but the fact that you are here with my Best friend with the door closed."

"Zayn-" Harry tried to cut him off.

"Just stay away from my sister and you stay away from Harry get over your high school crush already." He spat before walking out. Did he just call me his sister?

" I have to go." I turned on my heel but Harry had other plans. Pinning me against the wall crushing his lips against mine, I could taste the vodka and mint and it sent me on the edge but I had to pull away because this was wrong but why did it feel so right?

He was stunned when I walked out but why would he...

- - - Flashback- - -

"Kissing Zayn's sister would be the worst thing that any man could be tortured with." Harry laughed after Zayn had read out another torn piece from my diary where I mentioned I had a dream that I was kissing Harry.

"Damn right ." Louis laughed.

"She is the kind to drool all over you" Niall added.

"I'm sure she would lick your face." Liam laughed with tears flowing down his cheeks.

I just sat on the cafeteria table alone while everyone laughed ii guess I got used to being the joke of the school, it didn't matter I felt numb I still feel it.


Walking to Zayn's room where Angie slept peacefully and Zayn sat on the edge of the bed in deep thoughts I guess.

"Let me clean your knuckles." I smiled trying to lighten up the sour mood.

He didn't say anything as I cleaned his hurt knuckles.

The only thought on my mind was ...

'he stole my first kiss and there was no turning back except staying away from Harry Styles otherwise he would easily take my viginity with him.'

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