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   Chapter 3 Dear Heartbreaker. [3]

Dear Brother. H.S By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5154

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"Never judge the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was." - Dag Hammarskjld


"I feel so bad, I missed your birthday." Angelica frowned. I mean it wasn't such a big deal anyways I hate my birthday because I'm reminded of what a fuck up I have for a brother.

"No worries Angie." I gave her a reassuring smile and hugged her in the middle of the campus before parting ways, I had literature and she had business studies but we promised we would catch up at our usual coffee shop study a bit then talk more.

Entering the literature room, there wasn't alot of people and I didn't mind I always wanted to be early maybe read a novel while waiting for Mr. Bennett to male his arrival. It took some time before everyone one had got in and settled down to my surprise that same laugh that sent shivers to my spine and I knew just who it was Harry Styles and Louis entered the room I kept my hair down and focused on my novel so they wouldn't notice me otherwise they would probably make fun of me. I mean what were they doing coming for the 08:30am lecture they usually came for the 13:35pm lecture, yes that's how lazy they are because of their frat parties. Harry glanced at me before taking a seat right behind me. Since when does he seat at the front?

I mentally begged Mr. Bennett to start his lesson in which he did and I was thankful because I think I noticed Harry saying something between the lines of "hey beautiful." But I brushed it off if anything I didn't want anything to do with Zayn and that includes Zayn's friends. Ever since since Harry found out about my crush on him back in highschool, he made it a point to torture me on a daily basis. The award for best brother goes to Zayn Malik.

The lesson went on forever when it ended I was glad. "Zaneh Malik and Harry Styles I have to say you two did well on our last assignment keep it up." Mr. Bennett said right before the lesson why why why why !?! "Thank you sir." I muttered under my breath grabbing my books and walking out of class like the rest of the literature students. I heard foot steps follow behind me, I walked fast making my heart thud each time the steps got closer.

"Zaneh... long time no see." Harry said walking beside me but kept a stern look and continued walking with my books in hand.

"Harry I will catch you later. Zaneh darn it you look hot" Louis said walking away to where Zayn, Liam, Niall and some other guy were standing but I kept my head down.

"Zaneh come on, isn't this a dream come true. Me talking to you." I

felt the urge to roll my eyes but kept walking, I saw Louis pointing at me and it made really uncomfortable Zayn was pissed as fuck I'm sure.

"Blonde hair looks good on you." Harry continued speaking.

"Harry can you please just say what you want to say, so I can go away in peace and forget your existence." I smiled sarcasm written all over my face and he chuckled gosh why did he have to look so good... I'm deranged to have a crush on someone who constantly treated me like shit.

"I won't go away that easily babe." He lightly chuckled.

I was super greatful when I saw Zayn walking to where I was standing with Harry near the campus benches where I had told Angie to meet me after class. Just ignore him he will go away soon.

"Zaneh ?" Zayn called with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes ?" I rolled my eyes flipping my hair to my left shoulder.

"Just stay away from my friends, I know you still have a crush on Harry but please stop making a fool out of yourself love." He retorted.

I didn't ask Harry to follow me after class.

I didn't ask him to talk to me.

I cursed under my breath as Harry and Zayn laughed about something I didn't quite get.

"Heyy Zaneh." Angelica said in a awkward voice since Harry and Zayn just stood there making fun of me and laughing. I will never get it.

"Hey Angie, can we go now." I grabbed her hand, instantly Zayn's eyes glowed up. I'm not surprised I have a malewhore for a brother.

"Ain't you going to introduce me to you company ?" She mumbled.

"Yeah ain't you going to introduce us ?" Zayn said with a smug on his face, Harry just kept looking at me up and down. I know I'm ugly he doesn't have to remind me like how he always did in highschool.

"Uhm Angelica this is Zayn-" I paused "and Harry we went to the same highschool back in Florida." I lied on Zayn's account.

"Nice to meet you Angelica." Zayn smirked.

"You too Zayn but please call me Angie." I gaged this is just what I needed.

"I'm still here too." Harry cleared his throat since Zayn and Angelica were suddenly in their own little fairy tale world. I made it a mental note to warn her what a dimweed he is when we went back to the dorm room. I was just really upset that Zayn was quick to judge and kick me to the ground making it look like I chased Harry and forced him to talk to me.

We bid our goodbyes and I didn't bother to hug those fuckers but Angie is so naive she gave them hugs and even exchanged numbers with them.

She doesn't know what she is in for I said shaking my head.


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