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   Chapter 17 Arsehole 117

The Diary of an arsehole. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 1851

Updated: 2018-05-15 11:40

Dear Diary.

I got a tattoo. In Brooklyn. With Mal. I have had so many tattoos done but the store Malcom took me to was rather suspicious ; I wondered if they even had licenses. Mal said I was just being paranoid because this is where all the art happens... well his art because his tattoos don't make sense not that they should. He got some of them done in jail so it's not a delightful look.

I got a tattoo of a butterfly, brown beautiful butterfly just below my chest. The colour brown reminds me of her mesmerising eyes and the black her beautifu

ore snapping his fingers and saying 'Yeah the blonde hottie from the main campus, i could fuck her all day...maybe even make her my second baby mama...No biggie'

I immediately shook my head because I knew she wasn't the one. Zaneh Malik was definitely not blonde and if anything, she wouldn't be able to attract even guys like Malcom.'

No offence to her.


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