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   Chapter 6 Arsehole 106

The Diary of an arsehole. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 2475

Updated: 2018-05-08 12:15

Dear diary.

Where the fudge is Taj Mahal? But most importantly where the fuck is my mom. These were the questions that were swirling in my head when my mom sent me a picture of her, standing in front of a building / mosque/ castle whatever with her poodle Chihuahua Tibbey with the caption...'Namaste Harry, you should visit Taj Mahal with me next summer. I miss you loads honey.' I swear she cares more about her dogs than she cares about her own son. So yeah after a lot of research turns out Taj Mahal is in India, it is actually a tomb built by a king for his queen aftee she died during childbirth...

What baffles me is how my mom is visiting honey moon icons. She probably breaks down into tears ever times she sees a couple p

so whatever...

I don't even expect him to remember my birthday, maybe him and his Russian mistress are probably trying out for a baby ew. He had been so caught up with wedding plans, I figured he doesn't give a fuck about me. I refused to be part of the circus wedding, I would much rather be playing video games with Zayn or partying at Louis's house or probably fucking Sophia or rambling about my problems in on Twitter to Zaneh.

Sometimes I even forget I have a girlfriend...


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