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   Chapter 5 Arsehole 105

The Diary of an arsehole. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 1949

Updated: 2018-05-08 12:15

Dear Diary.

I don't get why i have to keep seeing the therapist when mom needs one more. I swear she is nuts and it makes me worried. Everytime i call her, she greets me with a new phrase which really annoys the shit out of me. 'Guten tag' well now i know its German. My dad asked me what i wanted for my birthdays and i sarcastically told me it would be really great if he got back together with my mom....ofcause i just earned myself a glare. My mom has a new chihuahua called Tibbey, she told me over the phone last time we talked. What happened to that other one? I will never understand. She is so fragile and she is so convienced that she is okay but she isnt. I asked her when is she coming home and she broke down into tears. I'm not the best person when it comes to expressing my feelings but i love my mom...

Zayn has been helpful, if inviting me to a couple of parties and getting me drunk till i can't stand counts. Louis says i just need some

weed, Niall thinks maybe i should talk to my therapist more and Liam thinks i am joking most of the time. I have the best of friends...

Chatting to someone whom i see everyday and having to pretend...i don't has got to be the shittiest thing i have ever done. Zaneh has been the best support system i have right now even though, i'm a liar. I don't like her or anything but what i am saying is she is definitely better than my therapist... Mrs. Owens. My father thinks we should have family therapy, no shit sherlock. I'm not going to pretend we are suddenly a happy family with his Russian mistress.

I recently found out that Zaneh has a thing for me, well i knew that already. I always know. Zayn read her diary out in the cafeteria earliar today which was really funny. I always forget about my problems when i see Zaneh oh well...

She was so embarrassed but why? It's normal to like a guy but wait has she liked me for the past four years?

Oh shit!


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