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   Chapter 3 Arsehole 103

The Diary of an arsehole. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 2700

Updated: 2018-05-08 12:14

Dear Diary.

Guilt is eating me up, i did something really fucked up. I was just curious nothing more to it. I was hanging out with Zayn the other day at his place then suddenly Mrs. Malik told Zayn that his sister spends all her time on the laptop tweeting and it's becoming too much; she should go outdoors.

I didn't mean to supervene or anything like that but I found myself sitting in my large extravagant room with my laptop facing towards me. I always had the twitter app but I had never joined but on that certain day I joined with the username @Edward_S. My second name, with only one motive to look up Zaneh's profile sadly I didn't find her.

I tried multiple usernames like 'Zah' 'Z_Malik' 'Zaneh_' but it was no result found. The following day I asked Zayn if he followed his sister on twitter, he looked at me suspiciously before laughing at how ridiculous I sounded.

I made a joke about how lame her username would be then Zayn said her username is always 'Cupcake __'. I curiously eyed him to see if he was joking but he wasn't. He said she created that account when they were in Middle school when they were still close. I didn't ask any further questions...

I found myself behind my laptop screen and then I finally found her. Her profile had no picture just some blurry picture of the sunset, she posted about how sad

she was...mostly Twenty One Pilots lyrics. I found it surprising that she had quite a following which made me wonder if this was really her profile...Why would people hate her in person and love her online?

I had told myself this profile was just to check out what goes on in the pretty mysterious head of hers but I was shocked when I found myself slipping into her DM's ; this would be fun...I thought.

The next morning I woke up and realised i had slept waiting for her reply and she didn't. I freaked out did she knew who I was, what if my friends found out especially Zayn... I'm a fucking creep.

I froze when I saw a notification on my phone from Twitter, she replied with 'Hey thanks for the follow, if you ever need a friend I'm always here.'

Ofcause you are always there, i thought since you lock yourself in your room all day and in the toilet cubicles at school.

'I need a friend actually..' I didn't hesitate to reply. She asked me what was wrong and I told her about the divorce ofcause I didn't tell her the details. We texted back and fourth and funny how I actually liked it. She was so understanding, i told her I was Edward from England. This was just suppose to be a one day thing but I found myself looking forward to talk to her everyday for the past two of weeks.

Shit, i have to go she just replied.


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