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   Chapter 1 Arsehole 101

The Diary of an arsehole. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 2009

Updated: 2018-05-08 12:13

Dear Diary.

First of all, this wasn't my idea at all some stupid therapist suggested it. She kept telling me how everything always feels better once you have let it all out, typical bullshit. Imagine how shit faced I would be if my friends found out I keep a diary fuck no journal sounds more appropriate for a person my age.

Let's put this to good use, i guess. What can I say? Uhm super mad my parents got divorced that's why I'm seeing a therapist. You didn't think I was a psycho did you? Uh no. Why do you get married then have a kid only so you can divorce? I have so many questions and very little answers.

My dad is an arsehole now I see where I get it from...He is divorcing my mom for a girl who is twenty one years younger. She can't even speak English, she could even qualify to fuck me. This is fucked up!

My mom is a bitch too. She didn't even fight for my custody not that I wanted to move around the world in her purse or anything. That means I will be staying with my dad and

his- anyways my mom went back to England then to Australia then to Germany then God knows where... She is trying to heal her broken heart by traveling, pretty good idea when you are filthy rich.

Zayn my best friend has been supportive and all but nothing will ever be the same. He doesn't understand because he has the perfect family, he has a twin sister who annoys the crap out of me; even though she doesn't talk to me or anything. Atleast he has a sibling, i wish I had one too. Zayn's little sister is crappie and super weird, i can't stand her. Infact Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn all can't stand her.

She is the dork of the school, which pretty much makes it easier to hate her. I started hanging out with Zayn in 8th grade and we have been close ever since.

Fuck fuck fuck, that's enough for today my arsehole of a father is calling me. probably to talk about how



'HARRY' bullshit-

I have to go.


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