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   Chapter 30 24. Gatherings

Apartheid Rendezvous By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 7124

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"Love thy neighbor as yourself, but choose your neighborhood." ~ Louise Beal

Leonardo Dicaprio.

Koopman, Niemack, De Waal, Van Rooyens, Hoofmans, Lindemann, Van der Voort, De Bruin, Visscher, Kloppers, Schrijver- these were the various people whom I had been introduced to in the last half and hour. They all claimed to be very good friends of Uncle Johan which I really doubted considering they hardly knew anything about him except when it came to business and land. Infact one of them even claimed Uncle Johan was from Belgium which was absolutely preposterous or rather ludicrous. Yes, Belgians spoke Dutch but Uncle Johan could never be Belgian. It was a funny gesture. He is a six foot five giant, most Dutch man were. I didn't get the purpose of this gathering, all they talked about was politics. How much they distasted the non-whites which was one thing they all had in common. I didn't understand how someone could hold a clear conversation just talking and chattering about how much hatred they had for a certain race. It was beyond me.

One even claimed to have burned his maid with a hot iron and as idiotic as it sounds they are laughed like foolish Imbeciles. I thought Uncle Johan was a horrible boss but I was wrong there were people much worse.

As much as i would have loved to converse in a conversation with one of them, i couldn't. They all sounded brainwashed. They all had the same mindset, no one was open minded. No wonder Uncle Johan had invited them to the Anti-black conference. Their wives were no different, they just agreed with anything any of the men said. I was so lost in gaze watching Hope work, she was absolutely breathtaking. No matter how harsh anyone was, she didn't crack. Like it was something she was at home with. As for the other maid, she gave me loathing stares when I wasn't looking. I felt tense under her gaze, it was no surprise she would strangle me in my sleep.

"Engels English men are stupid." Lindemann slurred a little tipsy from the alcohol. Ofcause he wasn't talking to me but the rest of the man around the pool.

"They set the kaefers free there in Rhodesia."

n Netherlands." She paused. "That's why I thought I should talk to you."

"You could talk to Uncle Johan." I said in a hurry to leave.

"He wouldn't understand. I hate the conditions here, it might benefit me because of the colour of my skin but I absolutely loathe everything here." She whined.

"I do too." I said under my breath but was quite sure she heard me.

"I don't want to disappoint my pa, i know he will be if I tell him that I want to leave because of the way-" she paused. "I'm suppose to hate them, that's how I was taught from an early age even my brother recently left for the army. You know that rule that every afrikaaner as soon as they turn eighteen must go atomic the army mostly to be taught that they should hate black people. I know he will come back a different person mostly cold. It's like they brainwash them." She said sternly, for a moment I really wanted to help her, i looked at my left side and saw the other maid Thembi laughing and showing Hope the view in my direction.

That's when I realized I was the view but I wasn't in any way flirting with Marietje. Everyone looked at us expectedly and this is why I hated gatherings. Hope looked at me with hurt in her eyes but blinked it away, i don't know why my heart seemed to want to jump out when she turned away.

"Are you listening Leo ?" Marietje asked pulling me out of my daze.

"Uh yes." I mumbled.

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