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   Chapter 27 22. Hide my Sausage

Apartheid Rendezvous By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 10454

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"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, Love is a war; love is growing up." ~ James A. Baldwin

Tsholofelo Mofokeng.

I woke up earlier well feeling a little happier. Things happened last night, that made me think I just want now never mind forever or the future.

"Hey, Tsholo." Thembi greeted me already dressed in her uniform. See seemed to be in the red.

"Morning Thembi, i already served breakfast and the chores are already done." I said folding the dish towel and facing her.

"Where did you sleep last night ?" She whispered folding her arms. I wasn't going to tell her that well maybe i might have been riding my bosses nephew or maybe he had me on four. I had to think of something fast...

"I slept on the couch, you know back home we never see those television sets because they are expensive so when everyone was asleep... I thought I would have a look." I explained, Whoah where did that lie come from?

"What was playing that was so interesting ?" She asked.

"Well - Uh - you know the ANC is still in exile..." I stuttered.

"Every black person knows that." Thembi replied sarcastically.

"No- yes- every black person know that yes but but but do they know that they are in Zambia huh ?" I said nodding my head.

"You mean Angola ?" She shook her head hiding a small smile.

"Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe you know these places can be confusing." I laughed.

"Well anyways next time you and Mr. Le roux decide you want to play hide my sausage atleast think of a better excuse." She gave me a knowing look. I was caught off guard more like flabbergasted, dumbfounded, thrown for a loop whatever English word or expression that could explain the way I was feeling at that very moment.

"Thembi-" i was about to explain when she put her hand on my shoulder.

"You know all the things I say, I'm joking half of the time right ?" She asked and I nodded.

"When I said he was hot and I wouldn't mind jumping that well I didn't mean it in the literal sense okay ?"

"No no no I know that, it's just it just happened." I explained wincing a little because I was scared for some reason.

"You are like a sister to me Tsholo and I don't want to see this end you because it will end you and not him." She made clear.

"Yes but... I like it, i mean I like him." I said fumbling with my fingers.

"Is it good ?" She asked giving me a quirky smile.

"It's soooooooo good." I mumbled remembering the previous night.

"That's not the point just be careful okay because if I was you i would end it before it ends me." She said giving me the knowing look.

"I know, he is going to leave in three months and we won't ever see each other again. It's just fun." I said the last part under my breath because even if it was coming from my own mouth it hurt.

"Good." She gave me a pat on my shoulder.

"So you won't tell-" i sighed with relief.

"Why would I? I care about you Tsholo like my own sister. I just don't want him taking advantage of you that's all." She pulled me in for a hug and I felt at ease.

"Trust me, he isn't." I smiled genuinely

ead down feeling embarrassed. How could I get so carried away? It's not like anyone can read your mind. My subconscious mocked me.

When I lifted my eyes to look at where I was going, i found Leo already staring at me with a mischievous smirk plastered on his lips.

"Leo have not heard a thing I have uttered have you ?" Mr. De Ruiter said fumbling with his large news paper that took up his whole view.

"I have yes, I mean I am." Leo stuttered his eyes still set on me.

"Mnr can I clear the table ?" I asked unsure if I should also feeling nervous because the man giving me butterflies and climaxes and sat right in front of me.

"Sure, if Leo is done. I will be in my study." Mr. De Ruiter excused himself taking a bite from his koek suster.

As soon as Mr. De Ruiter was out of sight, Leo stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist as I tried to concentrate on not breaking Mr. de Ruiter's China set.

"This is harder than I thought." He whispered softly biting my earlobe making me squirm and giggle under his embrace.

"I know but-" He immediately cut me off.

"Tonight, stay with me once more ?" He asked in an estranged tone before I could answer someone cleared their throat and goodness I have never been so scared in my entire life. Infact my whole life flashed in front of my eyes thinking about all the possibilities that could happen if I got caught.

"Tsholo the dishes." Thembi said in a low tone. She was surely mad at me judging by the look she had given me.

"Uh yeah tonight." Leo whispered gently letting go of my waste.

"Tonight Tsholo had chores, Mr. Le roux if there is something you need I will be sure to look after it while TDHOLOFELO handles her CHORES." Thembi said in a tyrannical tone. It sounded almost as if she was being overprotective of me.

"Uhm very well." Leo awkwardly saddled towards the stairs case. I continued clearing the dishes on the table. Until Thembi said an initial sentence that made my heart break into a million piece and turn into dust.

"Keep this up and I'm telling sis Nandi !"

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