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   Chapter 26 21. Cupids arrow

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"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to live for." ~ Joseph Addison

Tsholofelo Mofokeng.

The Zeldenrust family had family left and boy was i glad. I couldn't stand Tessa and Leo playing match made in heaven infact I don't even care. After cleaning up the kitchen mostly wiping the stove clean, i made my way towards the lounge area. It was almost midnight and everyone was asleep. Thembi said she wasn't feeling well and I had noticed from her behavior earlier so I gladly told her that I would do her chores if she promised that, whenever anyone had to go up to Leo's room it would be her. She looked at me with worry then easily brushed it off and nodded.

I switched of the lights, walking towards the back door. I was suddenly pulled back and pressed against the wall. When I looked up, his ocean blue eyes, i already knew who it was. His eyes glimmered in the dark.

"Hope, we need to talk ?" He whispered.

"No, we don't. Can I go now ?" I tried pulling away from his tight grip.

"Stop avoiding this." I was about to protest when he pressed his lips onto mine. I didn't let him in, i couldn't but I found myself drowning into his embrace. He had my hands pressed above my head as he tilted his head to kiss my jaw. My breath was a bit shaky. "No.." I pushed him back when I had finally processed everything.

"Mr. Le roux this is wrong, now can I please take my leave ?" I tried saying calmly but my voice betrayed me. The kiss he gave me, seemed to have take everything out of me.

"I promise, I'm not engaged." He sighed running his hands through his messy blonde waves.

"Okay, good for you." I tried walking away only to be pulled back reiteratively.


r entrance. I was caught in a trance. "Please don't leave, please don't ignore me, please don't act like nothing happened in those couple of days we spent together." He hissed softly grazing his bottom lip on mine. I shivered with need.

"Let's figure this out together." He whispered and finally I couldn't resist the need and deny the attraction between us so I kissed him back. Allowing my hands hang loosely around his shoulders. Even if he said let's die together in the way that he said it, i would still be convinced it only means heaven. Whatever that comes out of his plump lips always seems like heaven. He promises me the things I know i will never get but I still want them. I still want to believe he can give me those things. I still want to believe him when promises me the world, there is no better feeling. I know deep down this will never succumb to anything but I still want to try. I still want to have whatever he has to offer- I'm inlove with him - i have no idea when did cupids arrow hit me?

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