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   Chapter 25 20. The extravagant.

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"Love is a second pulse; it grows into the soul, warms every vein, and beats in every pulse." ~ Joseph Addison

Tsholofelo Mofokeng.

"You know Thembi, you don't have to be gloomy all day because of what happened earlier." I gave her a quick smile but she only shrugged. I didn't think she cared that much about me, that Mr. De Ruiter slapping the hell out of me would upset her. She wasn't herself and anyone who knew her well enough would notice. She looked beautiful in her short hair, i was actually thinking of doing the same because it was no hustle.

"I will just take this.." She didnt reply, I wondered why she wasn't talking about Blondie or talking about anything in particular this surely was not the Thembi I knew. I held the Bombay bottle for the so called guests who were chattering like chipmunks in the dining room. I looked Mr. de Ruiter with absolutely distaste, i could poison him if I wanted infact that would be too easy. I hated him so much, i just wanted to strangle the life out of his peal old wrinkled skin. I wanted to look him in the eye as he took his last breath on this living earth.

My eyes flickered to Blondie, who was gracefully talking to Leonardo. It didn't take a genius to realise that she was already head over heels for him. She fluttered her eyelashes like something was in her eye. I wanted to burst her bubble by telling her that he us engaged.

I looked at Mr and Mrs Zeldenrust who were occupied in having a conversation with that De Ruiter. Tessa's fat fourteen years old brother had been doing nothing but eating. He kept me on my feet, wanting seconds every single second. I honestly thought he was going to burst.

Running out of my daze, i walked forward determined to ignore Junior Le Rou


"Mr. Leo you are nice." Pieter spoke with his mouth full.

"Actually Leonardo here is just down to earth. He doesn't like showing off. He recently got his degree in Law and his family owns a chain of hotels all around Europe. His father recently bought land in the Orange Free state to build a branch for his hotels in Suid Afrika. The Le Roux's are quite a successful and well respected family." I looked at Uncle Johan with a distasteful look. Why was he selling me of to these scavengers? The Zeldenrust family instantly grinned at me.

"Wow, Leo wow that is just wonderful." Tessa yelped with joy. Her hands trailing down my thigh under the table.

"It seems, we have one thing in common and that is success." Mr. Zeldenrust spoke with a never ending impressed mock. I solemnly hated when people treated me nicely because of where I came from. Trust me I had enough of that growing up, reason being why I would rather not say anything.

I shifted my gaze to the clock on the left side of the room, when was this going to be over. I had much better thing to do than Socialise with neighbors.

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