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   Chapter 22 18. Forget him

Apartheid Rendezvous By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6068

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"Friends will keep you sane, Love could fill your heart, A lover can warm your bed, But lonely is the soul without a mate." ~ David Pratt

Leonardo Dicaprio.

A week...I thought to myself. That's how long it had been, did she really quit her job because of me. I missed her, her breathtaking smile. It took everything in me not to go and look for her in that sowetoe place.

"Are you okay ?" Uncle Johan interrupted my thoughts. I hadn't even realised my right foot had been shaking.

"I'm great." I fidgeted in my sit.

"You don't look great." He sniggered and it really irritated me.

"I'm fine, Uncle Johan." I threw my hands in his face as I said these sour words.

"Well someone is in a surly mood." He took a sit next to me near the pool with his scotch in hand. My father had returned back to Amsterdam, i couldn't leave. I just couldn't do it. I felt like my life was incomplete. I couldn't go back to my miserable life so I lied and told my father that he should allow me to learn how to run a farm or land from Uncle Johan just for a little while and he was so proud he agreed without hesitation.

Suddenly I saw her, I blinked furiously just in case I was dreaming. I never thought I would be happy to see even her hideous dresses that I hated. She was beautiful, beyond beautiful. My insides were doing somersaults, a grin couldn't help forming on my lips.

"Felo, you are back." Mr. Johan said in a sublime tone.

"Uhm yes sir." She smiled but her smile did not reach her eyes. It looked like she had been crying and that hurt me because I knew I was the cause. She looked anywhere else but me.

"Are you not going to greet my nephew, he will be staying here for six more months." My uncle summoned and I saw her gasp. Did she really hate me that much.

"Morning Mr. Le roux." She sa

"I knew there was something wrong with this guy, he cannot be handsome like you said, Polite, kind and a gentleman all at the same time. Impossible! something just had to be wrong." She said shaking her head lightly.

"You are right." I sighed.

"So is that why you came back ?"

"No well partly."

"Tsholo you are going back to that job and don't let him have his way with you. You can't make your whole world stop because he came. Just pretend he doesn't exist and continue with your life. You had your heaven while it lasted now it's over. Forget about him, you know that it was impossible anyways.."

"I know." i frowned.

"Tsholo don't tell me you fell for him." She looked at me with horror. I kept quiet I didn't want to say anything. I can't believe I'm that stupid.

"Tsholo you are inlove with him." She said it now as a statement.

"Ntombi (girls) finish up, so we can have lunch." Lesedi's mom yelled in zulu.

"Yebo ma." ( yes, mother) we replied in unison.

"Forget about him before you get hurt even more, you are like a sister to me and I don't want to see you hurt or dead." She whispered so her mother couldn't hear us and I nodded. she was right...

*End of Flashback*

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