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   Chapter 21 17. waste of tears

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"If I love you, what business is it of yours ?" ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tsholofelo Mofokeng.

I hoped I had my keys, i never miss place my keys. Walking towards the wooden door, i found it slightly open. God please don't tell me there was a thief lurking.

What's valuable in that house of yours anyways?

Suddenly I heard laughter then my nerves calmed down, it sounded like Sam. I smiled at the thought that he was home, i hadn't seen him in a long time since his schedule had changed drastically because of his new job. I was proud of him, he was making more money than i was. He was actually making a living for himself and not living off me.

"Sam-" i entered the small kitchen only to see the people, i have always avoided with all my might.

"Hao Sweet lips ?" He smirked licking his bottom lip and I was so disgusted. I felt like something was crawling on my skin and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. My brother quickly stood up. "Tsholo? you are back." He said in a surprised tone. I laid the few plastics that I had. If I didn't buy food in the house I know Sam wouldn't. Having food in the house would make same eat, he has a habit of starving his skinny self infact whenever there is no food he doesn't bother trying to sort something out. I just made it a point to always have food in the house otherwise he would never eat. My brother has pride, even if he was dying of thirst, he would never take water from the neighbors.

"What is he doing here ?" I pointed at the young man who had been sitting next to my brother on the plastic stools.

"Sweet lips, you hang out with white people the whole week now you think you are better than me? smh" He said in a lazy deep voice which made me cringey. The house reeked of smoke or whatever they were smoking.

"Shut up Zola, shut up." I felt anger stir up in me whenever I had to say his name.

"Mabebeza-" (baby girl) He said licking his bottom lip and I just felt disgusted by his every action.

"Erm just think you guys should leave ?" Sam said in an awkward tone.

"Are you kicking us out ?" The second guy finally spoke up, I knew him as Themba. He was the fat weird guy who always hang out with Zola. Where ever Zola was, you wouldn't be surprised to see

ay ?" I looked back and saw Sam standing on the door frame.

"I'm fine." I threw the picture in the box and kicked it under the bed.

"Is it something I did? I'm sorry, Zola and Themba won't ever come here again." He said in a panicked voice.

"It's fine." I gave him a brief smile.

"Tsholo, DO NOT TELL ME THAT MAN THREW COFFEE IN YOUR FACE AGAIN? because I will kill-" Sam yelled.

"No no no, he didn't. He has been out of town for a while actually." I looked at the concrete floor.

"So what's wrong ?" He sat next to me with his hand on my shoulder.

"I-i-i hate my life." I said under my breath. "Does God really hate us, why do we have to live like this Sam? I don't understand." I snirveled then immediately the water works began. Tears seemed to flow faster than the Nile river. I couldn't stop them. Sam didn't say anything he just held me tight in his arms as I cried.

Cried for the mother I lost at an early age. Cried for the oppression we live under. Cried for the poverty surrounding us. Cried for the father who abandoned us. Cried for falling in love with someone I could never have. Cried for the pain I have been through. Cried for the horrible job I have. Cries for the boss who ill treats me. Cried for my brother's misfortune. Cried for our Misfortune. Cried for my weaknesses because I always cry.

"I don't have the answers but I promise I won't ever leave." Sam whispered as I cried on his on shoulder.

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