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   Chapter 18 14. Accommodating all my needs.

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Love so soft - Kelly Clarkson


"We learn to love that to which we give our time." ~ Anonymous

Tsholofelo Mofokeng.

Everything had been a fairy tale over the past few days but I knew it was about to come to an end and honestly I was okay with it. As soon as Mr. De Ruiter comes back this will be all over. It's funny how Lesedi always told me to imagine such things and now they were actually happening in front of my eyes. Sometimes I would just stare at Leo ( yes I now call him that considering we have been more intimate than that. ) and watch him talk about a whole lot of nothing but I still found it interesting. Leo's eyes were the most mesmerising thing about him, they were a shade of blue but when ever he stood in the son they seemed to look green.

He made me feel like a Queen, he treated me better than no other. I had a boyfriend once when I was sixteen, it didn't last though because Sam told him off. I just wondered what would Sam do if he found out, i was sleeping with a white man. Sam wasn't racist but I know the fact that 'Leo' is white would just make everything much worse.

I had been ignoring this feeling for a long time but the thought just kept on coming back. What exactly was i to Leo? I don't want to lie and say I haven't imagined how i future would be. If we both ran away to another country and be together, Zimbabwe. Yes, Zimbabwe recently got their independence but wait Whites were chased away so no maybe Angola, Yes Angola but wait there is Civil War. Namibia would be a good try or not, darn it. Namibia is also under the apartheid rule. Congo wouldn't be so bad but Mabuto Seseko is being a dictator. Our only hope would be to get out of Africa...unfortunately.

Was i willing to leave everything behind? for him. No the question is would he be willing to do that for me because apparently he has a lot to lose than I have. I'm stupid. Why d

t now." He said with his voice feeling refrained. It became deeper with need and that just made me drip even more between my thighs. I could feel him throbbing with need inside my core so I gently went up then slid down. "Is this okay ?" I asked going on with the same movement. I didn't want to disappoint him. "It's abso- uh- lutely perfect." He let out an animalistic growl.

His hands gripped my hips helping me thrust deeper and deeper until I finally got the hang of it. I laid my hands on his chest as I rode him. My breasts were going up and down until he held me closer and started nibbling them. I moaned. I lost all my will power when he's thumb pressed onto my clit. A feeling of absolute pleasure fell upon me. He kissed my lips savagely with one last thrust, we were both out of breath. He held me in his arms for a while whispering sweet nothings in my ear. "You are perfect." He crushed his now red lips onto mine. I was out of breath considering last night we went on it like starved carnivals. He had me on my knees and my face on the soft pillows while i gripped mercilessly on the sheets, he hit all the angles from behind. He was giving me a different type of pleasure, everyday.

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