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   Chapter 17 German Rendezvous [43]

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"Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag it's tail." ~ Richard Friedman


"And where are you coming from dear ?" My father surprised me as I was about to tippy toe upstairs the Steenkamp mansion.

"Uhm.." I got stuck like, no lie was good enough.

"If this is how you want to behave Nella then I'm afraid your trip will be cut short." My father warned me throwing a new paper on the kitchen counter while he sipped on his probably green tea, he liked having it in the morning. I took the news paper...fuck fuck goodness was a photograph of Lukas and I entering the Calton hotel last night, hand in hand. I couldn't deny that.

"Nella he is engaged and I can't believe you didn't bother telling me about your first boyfriend." He frowned because I always told him everything.

"I'm sorry pa, it's just I had not thought that far yet."

"You know what's best stay away from him."

"What no. I won't do that." I raised my voice.

"Are you talking back at me ?" My father furrowed his brows. I folded my arms, this was a great opportunity to remind him of his own lies.

"No, Lukas makes me happy and nothing not even you will keep me away from him."

"You are so stubborn like..." He sighed smiling lightly.

"Like who? Tsholofelo? " I spat and his eyes became cold.


"I know dad, Did you think I was never going to find out ?" I said with a nonchalant tone.

"Nella, you don't need your mother. Having me was always enough remember-"

"Nie pa, No you made me believe that you were all I ever needed but truth is you don't know how i have always wanted a mother. You don't know how many times I had to pretend I didn't are just to make you happy. You don't know how many times, I've crie

et in hotels?

"He fell inlove with her, the first day he saw her." I smiled having a picture of my unknown mother smiling.

"Your father always said she had the most mesmerising smile with dimples."

That's how I inherited my dimples. I cried silently.

"They obviously had some fun during his stay." She laughed.

Yes that's why I exist right?

"And you know black people weren't allowed to be associated with the could even get imprisoned."

"Yes, I know but is that what happened? " I panicked thinking of my mother being held in those horrible slump cells by apartheid police.

"No but your grandfather didn't approve of it, so he went back to Netherlands with your father even though he refused."

"Then what happened?"

"Your father came back to South Africa and till this day he has never returned to Netherlands because the Le Roux family disowned him when they found out...your mother was pregnant."

I caused pain in both my parents lives.

"She --" the door opened revealing my father then I quickly threw my phone under the cushion. "

"I'm sorry, Nella. I don't like it when we fight like this."

Me Too.

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