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   Chapter 16 German Rendezvous [38]

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"The person who earned love the least needs it the most." ~ FGW. Enzio Busche


"How was i supposed to know she was your sister, you act like I did this out of spite." I grumbled but I didn't want anger to take over my emotions, i would be seeing my Antonella this evening nothing could get any better than that.

"Well you are engaged and this won't end well." Anwar said in a low concerned voice, we were at our usual spot. The park. Anwar and i always found it peaceful because none of our exquisite extravagant families would guess that we preferred hanging out here than the expensive restaurants and bars.

"And I won't forgive you." He chuckled. "You refused to let me date Desirée but here you are prying for my cousin."

"Oh this is what it's about." I laughed.

"You can have Desirèe, she's a pearl but Antonella is gold." I muttered.

"You are whipped." Anwar grimaced.

"Is it a bad thing ?" I smiled at the thought.

"Well Lukas since we are being all honest, even though you told me to stay away from Desirèe...we fucked still." He said the last part lowly.

"I know you did. I know you better than you think Steenkamp." I chuckled shaking my head.

"So we good." I asked.

"Yeah sure, as long as you don't break her heart but you will anyways I will be there to beat your ass." He hit my chest making me groan in pain.

"And you say I'm the violent one." I said with sarcasm.

"Whatever Lukinator." He stepped on his cigar.

"So tell me everything there is to know about Antonella ?" I questioned.

"Hasn't she told you herself ?"

"No she's closed off." I thought out loud.

"All I know is she grew up with her father and she's the only child."

"She c

beeped signaling a text, i smiled when I noticed it was from Antonella.

Ella : Lukas can Anwar and Martin join our dinner with Leanne and Amanda?

Anwar got the same text. "Oh fuck, dinner with two love birds."

"Whose Martin anyways? " I asked.

"You invited him to your engagement party you should know !"

"My father plans those events by himself so I wouldn't know."

Me : Anything for you.

"I can't believe you just said that, fuck you are totally whipped." Anwar said in an accusing manor.

"Anything for you my love." Anwar mimicked my voice, instead I just laughed at his stupidity.

"Anyways what about you and Leanne? " I challenged.

"What no. She came onto me, She opened my bathroom door while i was having a shower and willingly threw herself at me. She is quite a good cock sucker."

I simply shook my head, this was Anwar. A day wouldn't go by without him talking about sex as a material. I used to think like that before Antonella...

"But anyways I'm sure you and Antonella don't fuck you make love ew ew ew." He said making faces.

"You need to grow up Anwar." I chuckled.

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