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   Chapter 9 8. His arms around her

Apartheid Rendezvous By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6946

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"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell." - Joan Crawford.


Tsholofelo Mofokeng.

I don't know what is wrong with me? perhaps i am too excited. I have been feeling all giddy since the morning incidence, i can't help it. Could one possibly enjoy something because it's forbidden. A forbidden fruit makes the whole catch much more worth it.

Leonardo Le Roux.

"Uncle Johan tell me more about your workers ?" I questioned not wanting to point out the obvious.

"Why do you ask ?" He bluntly turned to look at me and honestly his glares didn't scare me anymore. Sitting in the garden enjoying the sun, while drinking to his cape vine wine. In Netherlands it's never this sunny, i should enjoy the African heat while it lasts. The pool water in front of us glistened like shiny droplets, with the heat radiating, i felt like a swim was quite inviting. I just assumed this would be a great time to learn more about the girl I kissed in the morning. God knows if she hadn't stopped me, we would have went further. Her innocence draws me closer, the way her breath hitched when I touched her. I loved knowing that no one had ever done that to her magnificent body that's why she shivered just by the tip of my touch.

"Nothing really. I just want to learn more about your life in South Africa." I sugar-coated then an instant grin was quite visible on his face.

"Uh, that's good. You are actually intelligent like your father said. I was starting to think he was mistaken." He sipped on his wine.

Laughter erupted from my somber lips. "So how does me asking about your life in South Africa, prove that I'm intelligent ?" I hoped he sensed the irony.

"If I had a son like you, i would probably have kicked you out of my house." He said with a stern look. "Your jokes are not welcome here." He pursued his lips.

"You know you are so lonely you enjoy my companion." I gave him a pat on the back making him cringe.

"I can not wait until you return, infact I will book you a hotel room just up nort

"You are too confident for my liking boy ?" My uncle gave him a stern look. "You won't be saying the same thing when you get a good beating at the police station."

"Oh-ho like that scares me." He smirked. I saw Hope coming downstairs the way her face instantly smiled when she saw the stranger made me clench my teeth. She looked so happy. Infact she literally ran towards him. Hugging him like her life depended on it. He lifted her up and I felt the green monster wanting to manifest in me. She didn't even acknowledge me and or my uncle and I know how she fears him but right now she didn't care what he thought. They were both now speaking a language I didn't understand and it's official she isn't as innocent as I thought. She has a boyfriend and she didn't say anything when I touched her.

- but she stopped you.

She told me, she had never done or seen- argh infact I feel like a fool. What was i thinking? this girl is not my type. Maybe I like the danger of touching something forbidden but whatever. This time next year I probably won't remember her name. I will be back in Amsterdam with Grace. I abruptly stood up.

"Uncle I will be in my room." I said turning on my heel, i looked back and I saw them so happy conversing back and fourth. I don't know why i utterly distasted them- by them...both of them.

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