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   Chapter 6 5. Tear on my face.

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"There are some duties we owe even to those who have wronged us. There is, after all, a limit to redistribution and punishment." - Cicero


Tsholofelo Mofokeng.

"Hello Tsholo." a familiar voice greeted me. A smile formed on my lips, i was on my way home from Roordeport. This was finally my weekend off away from Ruiter the evil maniac.

"Hey Lesedi." I turned back to see her running after me until she finally caught up to me.

"I missed you." She mumbled as she pulled me into a hug.

"Me too." I frowned at the only person I had ever known as a friend. Lesedi and I grew up together, her mother was a mother figure to me. Whenever she bought anything for Lesedi she bought for me too. Before I started working I would always go to church with them, people would always think I was part of the Khumalo family even though I wasn't. My father couldn't care any less about my where abouts, he was always at the mines with various women out there.

"I have news for you." She grinned as we walked towards the small four roomed house I called home. Searching for the keys carelessly in my ragged bag.

"Yes, I'm listening." I pressed my lips together feeling nervous.

"Mr. Dube said he knows where your father is." She replied and I shuddered, i didn't know if I should feel happy or sad or worried atleast he wasn't dead. Mr. Dube was a man in his late forties, he had worked with my father in the mines in Northwest for over fifteen years.

"Tsholo say something ?" She slumped her shoulders when she realised how this affected me to the bone. I felt my eyes get blurry with watery substance, this was just too much for me.

"Where is he ?" I stuttered as a tear rolled down my cheek but I quickly rubbed it off.

"Oh, I'm sorry

I yelled.

"Yes Ma'am." He took the small scissors as he began cutting the high veld of grass and I knew he wouldn't finish until the next decade. I smiled as I tanned my skin basking on the sun.

"Maam-" He spoke.

"Shut up and do what you are paid to do you know what? you are not getting this week's wage." I yelled at the poor old man who was sweating and I'm need of water.

"Yes Ma'am." He lowered his head and continued cutting, he struggled cutting with the blunt scissor and I grinned. Suddenly the same greek God with green eyes appeared and looked at me with pity.

"Hope, i really thought you were different." I immediately stopped day dreaming.

Only one person called me Hope and that was the Dutch Greek God, Leonardo Le Roux.

"See imagining isn't so bad is it ?" Lesedi asked and I nodded as I grabbed my keys to get in the house.

"I will see you tomorrow, I'm tired." I bid her farewell. When I opened the door everything was the still the same, i was flabbergasted. What the hell was he doing in my head?

Oh Leo no no no I mean Sir.

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Leonardo Le Roux as Young Leonardo Dia Caprio.

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