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   Chapter 3 3. Greek God in my face.

Apartheid Rendezvous By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5629

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"He had occasional flashes of silence, that made his conversation perfectly delightful." ~ Sydney Smith


Tsholofelo Mofokeng.

What was that? Why did he look at me like that...did he catch me staring goodness gracious. I panicked as I made my way to the huge kitchen where Thembi was grinning from ear to ear.

"He is so handsome." She screamed.

"Who the-" i was cut off by her blubbering.

"No Felo, i mean the younger guy. Did Ruiter introduce you ?" I simply shook my head opening the cabinet that contained some of Mr. De Ruiter's finest wine. He had a grape vine and enjoyed going to wine tasting events, that's one thing I know he loves but I think he hates everything else besides that.

"Let me take the wine for you." Thembi suggested, i was tired so I simply gave in. It wasn't everyday Thembi offered to do my chores or even help, you could say she is selfish. I sat on the kitchen stools thinking about the money I won't be receiving this week. I have nothing to look forward to...maybe he will change his mind. My subconscious alerted me but I doubted it because Ruiter was someone who was true to his word at any given moment.

"Excuse me-" Someone interrupted my thoughts making me jump of my seat, if Ruiter found me sitted, i bet I wouldn't be getting the whole month's pay.

"Excuse me, can I have a paper towel or something-" He -- the same young man I was glaring at -- asked politely. He had these mesmerising blue eyes.

"Ofcause sir, let me just get them for you." I rushed to the other side of the kitchen island grabbing the paper towels, he had taken off his blazer showing off his great built body towering over my small frame. He's white shirt was stained with red substance probably the wine. I hesitantly went over to wipe it but it only made the stain bigger, i could feel his hard chest breathing slowing...I looked up only noticing he was looking at me.

"Uhm i will need to wash it completely sir, if you don't mind." I suggested my eyes immediately finding the white kitchen tiles more interesting that the magnificent creature in front of me. I have forgotten about my own appearance but I suddenly became self conscious about my looks. I was dressed in my usual short sleeve brown dress with brown leaves, it was long enough to sweep the floor, it had buttons at the front from the top till below. As for my hair, Sis Nandi had plainted my hair into a smart presentable freehand nothing fancy but good enough not to bother me when I wake up in the morning.

He was unbuttoning his shirt when I placed my hands on his chest to stop him but pulled down my hand back when I realised what I had just done. "Not here sir, you can just change upstairs." I added trying not to seem rude as I closed my eyes. I noticed him smile before he asked "Do you mind

showing me to my room, this is quite a huge house...I wouldn't want to get lost." He said in a husky sexy voice. Since when do you know what's sexy?

"Uh-Yes-Sure. I mean yes sir." I stuttered leading the way towards the stairs.

"So you work here huh ?" He asked and I nodded. Why is he talking to me?

"How old are you ?" He asked following behind me, i kept quiet not knowing what to say. I opened the door to the guest room then closed it when we were both alone.

"Sir, I don't think it's appropriate for you to ask abut my age and I won't be giving you any sexual pleasures if that was your other way of asking me for those services." I said with my hands crossed. He chuckled infact laughed and looked at me his face full of disbelief.

"I didn't--" He tried speaking through his laughter. "That's not what I meant...uhm Felicia right ?" he asked. Did he just call you Felicia and why is he still talking to you

"It's Tsholofelo not Felicia." I rolled my eyes, i have had it up to here with these Boers.

"Oh pardon me, i heard Uncle Johan calling you Fe--something. Can you repeat that ?" Did he just apologise to a black person, or are you hallucinating.

I cleared my throat. "Felo short for Tsholofelo." I said equally embarrassed from thinking he wanted something else. Look at him and then look at yourself? You don't stand a chance dear.

"T-S-H-O-L-O-F-E-L-O...oh what does that mean ?" Why does he care? Why is he still talking to you? Even though he pronounced it in a funny manor, i still found my heart warming up to the idea of him actually trying to learn unlike Ruiter who just decided my name was too long so Felo would be convenient for him.

"It means Hope." I curtly replied. What am I still doing here engaging in a conversation with this Boer?

"Hope, Can I call you Hope ?" He said with a toothy smile that made me want to grin like an idiot even though I was angry minutes ago.

"You don't even have to ask." I shrugged making my way to the door.

"Uhm Hope ?" He called.

"Yes ?" I turned back.

"You didn't ask my name." He said it like a little boy who hadn't received a Christmas present from Santa. Is this guy okay in the head? I have better things to do than ask for his name.

"Oh yes, your name ?" I tried sounded more enthusiastic.

"I'm Leonardo Le Roux but you can call me Leo." He outstretched his hand. Is this even allowed? Why is he treating me like I'm white. I hastily wiped my hands before shaking his soft and firm hand that made me feel weird so I quickly withdraw.

"Nice to meet you Leo but I think I will stick to Sir. " I winked before heading out. I just met him minutes ago but I already feel comfortable enough to wink at him? What is wrong with me? I should draw the line.

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