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   Chapter 91 NO.91

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5618

Updated: 2018-05-02 21:32

Libra's Point of View.

I looked at the time on my phone, it was almost midnight and my mom and Brian had went to bed immediately after half nine. It was their routine ever since I stayed with them when Uhm Alex left...

I was just finishing some assignments and I was done. Graduation finally then my life starts from there but how would I be able to do that if I was in the spotlight with Alex. I had not really thought this through but Alex came with a lot of Pro's and Cons anyways seeing as I had my laptop open, i started writing...

Pro's of being with Alex.? I love him so much.? He makes me happy.? He makes me laugh.? He is a sweet heart.

Con's of being with Alex.? He doesn't like weddings.? He hates kids.? He has a child-

He hasn't brought it up since and I really want us to talk about this. I have a feeling I might just be the one, ending up with a broken heart. It would be so awkward if we broke up because he will practically be my step brother or whatever. How will we tell our kids 'Grandpa and Grandma are married to each but mom and dad are not siblings'...Okay maybe i was over thinking this.

Suddenly my door sneaked open revealing Alex who was in a white t-shirt and boxers. I immediately shut my laptop not wanting him to read my stupid list.

"Alex, you know my mom will freak out if she finds you in here...?" I whispered-yelled.

"Who said she will find out ?" Alex smirked getting inside the covers.

"Mhm now this is cute." He gestured at his t-shirt that had hitched up, now showing off my lace panties.

"Alex..-" i blushed putting my laptop on my bedside, then Alex embraced me into his arms immediately feeling the warmth radi

d as if he was trying to control himself. So being I obediently went back up then slid back felt amazing. We connected in each and every way as he bit my lip making me moan. As I rode him up and down my breasts bounced with each pace, Alex cupped and continuously rubbed my Clit.

"I can't -" i collapsed on Alex chest, i was close and I could feel it. He flipped us over and he was now on top, thrusting into me. "Shhhhh just a little more babe." He groaned laying his head back in pleasure....I loved seeing him like this. He gripped my butt so he could thrust deeper making me whimper continuously whimper with pleasure. With one last thrust we both reached our high, i could him shooting his seeds inside me; it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. He finally pulled out and I felt empty, he pulled me close in the embrace of his arms. I shifted the ache between my legs stinging as I took a turn to look at him. He's hair looked sexy, he looked cute. "I will never get tired of being with you." He kissed my temple making me grin like an idiot.

My only wish was hopefully, no one heard our moans of ecstacy.

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