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   Chapter 85 NO.85

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"I want you forever even when we are not together."

"Scars on my body so I can take whenever."

"I want you forever even when we not together."

"Scars on my body so I can look at you whenever."


What do you call that feeling when all you want is to be next to that one person, who gives you butterflies every given moment and sometimes you just watch them do whatever they are doing in pure adoration. When you smile because they smiled, when all you want to do is kiss their plump magical lips any chance you get. When you don't seem to care what baggage they carry and you feel the need to always accept it and be there for them through thick and thin.

Love sick much? Yes.

I stood in the shower for almost forty minutes consumed by my thoughts, a the warm water mesmerised my body with warmth on all the edges of my curves and breast. That when I felt the glass door slide immediately turning back with my eyes squinted.

"Alex !!!" I yelped when I felt his masculine arms wraped around me like a border. "I thought you were out ?" I squirmed when I felt his hand cup my breast.

"Well I'm back." He growled laying soft kisses on my neck and I stretched out my neck giving him more entrance.

Inhaling his tantalizing scent, I let him have his body was tormented by the dull ache of desire. Pressed against him, my back on the cold tiles as fog fumed up, he held my eyes like a poles of magnet. He was simply gorgeous, he layer gently kisses on my jaw line till he reached

more bubble around my hair. " let me help you with that." Alex said taking the shower handle in his hand pouring it over my head, I felt cold freezing water run down my body and I frowned "Why is the water cold ?" I summoned at him his tall figure towering over me with a smug plastered on his face. "I don't want you getting all hot and bothered because of all this..." He gestured at his magnificent chest but I didn't say anything or act anyhow to boost his ego.

"Oh, I have seen better." I shrugged sliding the glass door grabbing a towel from the side handle. His reaction was priceless at my white lie. I giggled running into the suite as he chased after me, my tug strongly held so my towel doesn't fall.

"I will show you..." He smirked mischief written all over his face.

"Get dressed silly, someone could walk in." He was hovering over me, as I was beneath him, his body pressed hard against mine.

I loved these simply moments and it will definitely be one of my best memories n Mexico.

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