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   Chapter 83 NO.83

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"The most important trip you may take in life, is meeting people half way..." - Henry Boyle


Libra's POV


"No no no, its not about that well partly I'm sorry I lied." I calmly explained because I value my relationship with Alex even if it means I have to apologise for something I didn't do.

"Speaking of lies, we need to talk..." He took my hand leading me to the the lounge in our suite.

Why do I get the feeling I'm getting dumped today?

"Is everything okay ?" I asked as my heart hammered against my ribs...he tunneled his fingers through his hair for a minutes before exhaling. This made me even more nervous an anxious.

"You know I love you right ?" My eyebrows narrowed questioningly.

"And I wouldn't do anything to mess up what we have right now ?" He continued with a sigh, this is agonising I can't wait anymore.

"Alex are you dumping me ?" He touched my hand but I evaded his touch.

"I know this trip wasn't the best, in fact it was the worst trip but I love you and because you were with me it wasn't so bad.

"I know you feel the same and I really don't want to lose you maybe I never really say it or act like it but Alex you have been my everything from the day that I met you in high school and I can't ever be without you... Gosh I sound desperate." I stood up pacing around the room.

"Alex I loved you before you even knew my name..." I laughed a bit hurt by my own words.. Its true though..

"I know I'm not a Victoria's secret model and I will never be one but I swear I love you and they will never love you t

this until you leave in three months time." Killing me softly.

"Yes winging it."

"Winging it, like let's pretend Faye and Canada didn't happen of cause till you leave....can't you just stay ?" I speak my hearts desire.

"This is Cinderella stoey God dammit Libra." Okay I should be scared but I'm mad too.

"Well if you really loved me, you wouldn't be leaving." I snap.

"I'm not stupid enough to leave my career for a girl. fucing hell." He bangs the table. Ouch.

"Wow at least I know how you feel now." I feel tears escaping each eye.

"Now go be a stupid soccer player with your baby mam and get out of my life."

"It would be my fucken pleasure miss goody two shoes. I don't need someone who doesn't believe in my dreams or in Me." He yells before I know it his placing the bill and tip on the table and leaving me.

Does that mean we are over?

Well that went well.

*End of flashback*

"I said go ....your mama...and get-" then and there everything begins to make sense.

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