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   Chapter 42 NO.42

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5743

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My head was throbbing, i couldn't stop throwing up luckily Alex my boyfriend made a after hang over remedy works like a charm. We couldn't stop kissing each other, in the kitchen, the stairs, the pool everywhere. I offered to help him clean up but he assured me that his father was going to hire a cleaning company to come and clean the whole house.

The house was really a mess, the puke on every corner. Red cups swimming their way above the water in the swimming pool, some people even left their underwear argh teenagers.

I woke up Lexy who was in the guest room with Harry oh shit.

"Look who at you looking wasted." Her way off greeting me as she grabbed her shoes tip toeing out of the room.

"Look at you sleeping with Harry who's next Niall ?" I raised an eye brow. Yes dammit i was angry she slept with Zayn, Alex now Harry.

"You woke up on the wrong side of the bed, i guess you met faye." She spoke but her voice fading at the end.

"Where's Cathy ?" I asked desperately needing this topic to end.

"Last door to the left..." She said dressing in the hall way. How many guest room were in this house... I always seem to be amazed.

"And Lib we have alot to talk about... Don't wave me off young lady. " she spoke in a motherly voice fixing herself. Checking the time its already 09:56 lets just say 10 atleast my mom knows i went to Alex's party since we should bond as brother & Sister.

Really now forget it.

I opened the door Cathy was already up in the same way she was dressed before. Thank Goodness No hooking up occured here.

She gently closed the door greeting me with a smile, I smiled back.

We met Lexy on our way down.

"Why use the stairs when we can use the elevator.

even said you kissed Zayn that's when i told her you would never do that, then she told me you guys went upstairs to fuck thats when i smacked that ugly face of hers. She looks like Hatched face from Johnny Depp's movie cry baby" She spoke proudly, now i was laughing although i can't lie to myself Faye is pretty. Lexy might be a bitch but am Glad she defends me when she needs to..

"Wow she is a nasty little bitch. " i spat venom.

"So Alex & i went upstairs and found your cute self sleeping then Alex asked me to dress you in his T-shirt because its uncomfortable to sleep in jeans. I could tell that guys cares a great deal about you. He even slept early on his birthday because he feared someone might come in a rape you."

My heart was already melting.

"Thanks Lex, i owe you big time." i hugged her before going out of the car.

"That's what bitchy friends do. " she said sacarstically.

My life has never been great. Life never felt so good, i have two best friends who make me laugh & a boyfriend that makes me smile.

Which reminds me it's been a while since i visited my father. I will drop by tomorrow with flowers.

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